An Iraqi lawmaker alleges that ’the occupiers’ are behind the recent bomb blasts in Iraq basing his claims on the fact that the US has access to Iraq’s security and intelligence files.

Maha al-Dori, a member of Sadr fraction in the Iraqi parliament said that "the occupiers are causing disarray in Iraq with aim of at taking control over the country’s affairs."

Al-Dori, who was speaking to al-Alam on Wednesday, also noted that Sadr’s anti-occupation movement has called on Iraqis to hold a demonstration, calling for the occupiers’ - a term referring to American forces — immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

He added that the demonstration would also urge the release of the innocent detainees, while protesting at calls for the return of the Baath party.

Citing that the escalating violence in the country is coinciding with the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, the Sadrist lawmaker said that ’the occupiers’ are responsible for the insecurity, linking the recent blast to American forces.

Bomb explosions have left tens of Iraqis dead and wounded over the past few weeks. The escalated violence followed a period of relative calm in late 2008, after an agreement between Washington and Baghdad set a deadline for the withdrawal of US troops.

The Bush administration and Iraq finalized an interim security deal in November that will see all US troops stationed in the oil-rich country removed by the end of 2011.

Under the deal, which needs to be put to a referendum in July 2009, US forces must also leave Iraqi cities by the end of June 2009.

Source: PressTV