During a brief visit to Tel Aviv, Vivian Wineman, Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (a federation representing the principal British Jewish organisations), called attention to Israel’s delegitimisation in the eyes of British public opinion and to the steadily increasing strength of the boycott.

To reverse the tendency, he stated that his organisation would like to see the example of Israel solidarity coming from above. In this vein, the Board of Deputies of British Jews beseech new Prime Minister David Cameron to be more open about his Jewish origins.

During his electoral campaign, Wineman had asked Cameron whether his origins could interfere with his impartiality when it came to the Middle East. Cameron denied it, while pridely announcing that Elia Levita (1469-1549), one of the first writers in the Yiddish language, was one of his ancestors.


Zionism is the winner in British elections, by Stuart Littlewood, Voltaire Network, 13 May 2010.