The Syrian Red Crescent organization succeeded last night in rescuing 3 civilians from Baba Amr neighborhood and failed in negotiating with the armed rebels to rescue the foreign journalists; the British journalist Paul Conroy was rescued from Homs and transferred to Lebanon.

Clashes between the security force and the armed rebels take place in Al-Warsha, Baba Amr, Karm Al-Zeitoun neighborhoods and nearby the police station of Al-Hamedia neighborhood.

The Syrian border patrols clash with armed rebels tried to sneak in Syria coming from Lebanon through Ein Al-Sha’ra village located in Talkalakh which led to the death of 3 rebels.

Activists say that the Syrian Army clashes with armed rebels in Al-Ksair area resulting in the death of some of the rebels.

Safwan Rahema dies in Al-Khaldia and Ameer Khattab dies in Asheyra neighborhood; anti-government activists accuse the security force of their deaths.

Armed rebels cross the Syrian borders coming from Lebanon and centralize in a church located nearby A’azez village of Talkalakh area.

Huge amount of drugs is found in Baba Amr neighborhood; 5 explosion devices are dismantled in the area.

A media source: the Syrian Army announces Baba Amr neighborhood as a safe area.

Anti-government activists post 18 names of people proclaimed to be killed during the Syrian Army military operation in Baba Amr and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Turkman neighborhood; others occur in Bab Houd and Daer Ba’lba neighborhoods; activists talk about the death of a person and the injury of 3 others in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

The Syrian Army discovers secret tunnels in Homs which activists say was used by armed rebels to smuggle arms.


4 explosion devices each weighs 50 kg,are dismantled nearby Ma’r Shouren located in Edlib.

A video shows a person surrounded by gunmen proclaims to be Captain Abd Al-Kader Kassoum and announces the formation of “Ammar Ben Yaser” battalion of the Free Army Militia in Edlib countryside.

A video shows a group of people announcing the formation of “Abo A’mmara” battalion of the Free Army Militia in Ma’rat Al-Nouman.

Clashes between insurgents and the security force happen in Edlib after the latter tried to highjack vehicles belong to the Directorate of Agriculture.

An unidentified dead body is found in Sarmeen town of Edlib countryside; Hasan Mohammad Haj Hsain’s funeral takes place in the town and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Armed rebels attacked the police station of Abo Al-Dhour suburb last night and stole weapons.

Gunmen attack “Sondous” housewear institution located in Areha area and steal everything in it.

Gunmen attack the agricultural nursery of Ta’oum village and centralize in it.

Anti-government demonstrations occur in Kafr Nobl town, estimated by tens, Sarjah town of Edlib countryside, estimated by 200 people; evening gatherings occur in Ma’rat Al-Nouman and Jeser Al-Shoghour.

Hammam Mazen Tou’ma Halabi gets killed in Jeser Al-Shoghour area and anti-government activists accuse the security force of his death.


2 bombing devices exploded last night, one of them placed in Nazlet Al-Jezdan and the other placed nearby Al-Sarjawey mosque in Al-Jarajema neighborhood.

Mohammad Mohsen Al-Hailawey’s dead body is found in Al-Balad Al-Sha’bey neighborhood; Mohammad Faraj Al-Dallie’s dead body is found in Al-Arba’een neighborhood.

An explosion device placed in front of the Insurance and Pensions Institution building located nearby Al-Kala’a roundabout.

Shooting happens in Taiba Al-Emam town and anti-government activists talk about 4 injuries.

Shooting and clashes between the security force and insurgents happen in Halfaya town of Hama countryside and result in the death of the insurgent Saeb Kaddour Sleman.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Saboniah and Al-A’lailiat neighborhoods.

Mharda road is closed nearby Al-Shieha village due to clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias; shooting is heard in Halfaya, Khattab and Kafr Al-Ton villages.


Maher Omar Dayouk, who is an anti-government, got killed during last night’s clashes between the security force and armed rebels.

Mohammad Al-Raj’s funeral took place last night in A’ndan area of Aleppo outskirt and turned into an anti-government gathering.

An explosion is heard in Tal Rafa’t town located in Aleppo outskirt; gunmen form an anti-government battalion and clash with the Syrian Army units.

Clashes between the police of Hraitan and E’zaz’s stations and armed rebels take place in Aleppo outskirt on this morning.

An anti-government demonstration occurs in Aleppo University and anti-government activists talk about the security force breaking into the Dental Faculty and arrest a number of students.

An evening anti-government gathering estimated by 50 people occurs in Al-Sokkarie neighborhood; another one occurs in Al-Halk neighborhood and burns tires; others occur in Al-Sha’ar and Salah Al-Deen neighborhood.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Shaikh gets arrested in Al-Atareb town under the charges of “participating in supplying medical equipments to the Free Army Militia” and anti-government activists talk about the death of 2 Syrian soldiers in the town.

The Syrian Army announces taking back the control over Al-Atareb town; anti-government activists talk about 12 deaths.

Oppositions’ website pages broadcast a bideo shows the destruction of the criminal security building located in A’zaz area of Aleppo outskirt; the person videotaping accuses the Free Army Militia of it.

Deir Al-Zour

Shooting occurs nearby Al-Mafti mosque; clashes take place in Al-Takaya Street and Ghassan Abboud roundabout.

A number of people get arrested in the souq area of Al-Kouria town under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 40 people occurs in Al-Tayana village; an evening anti-government gathering occurs in Albo Kamal area.

Mezher Mhanna Al-Shaher’s funeral takes place in Al-Miadeen area and turns into an anti-government gathering.


The Syrian president issues a bill that put the new constitution in effect from 27-2-2012.

Funerals of 7 security men and soldiers initiate from Damascus military hospitals.

A security spread appears in some areas such as Al-Midan, Kafar Sousa and Kodssia neighborhood; pro-government activists broadcast videos to show the calm and normal atmosphere in most of the Capital such as Baghdad Street, Victoria Bridge and Al-Mlaiha area..

Damascus Countryside

Shooting is heard in Masraba town.

Explosion and shooting are heard in Arbeen area.

A weapons’ cache is seized in a farm located in Douma area.

An anti-government gathering of 25 people occurs in Zamalka town.
An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Douma area.

Anti-government activists talk about clashes happen in Al-Ma’ddamioa town which result in the injury of 3 security men and 8 gunmen.

Mahmoud Abd Al-A’al, who is a sheikh, gets arrested in Sakba town under the charges of “incitement to violence”.


2 cars full of weapons and 3 RPGs were seized 2 days ago on the main Street of Tal Tamr suburb; a third car contains 26 gun coming from Turkey is seized in Al-Malkia area.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in A’amoda area.


Belal Abd Allah Al-A’trat gets arrested nearby a security checkpoint in Kafr Shams area; Mohammad Abd Al-A’al gets arrested for the fourth time in Dara’a Al-Balad area.

Shooting happens in Sayda town and activists talk about a woman getting injured.

Delegation of Jordanian students touring Dara’a and emphasizes "solidarity with Syria and reject outside interference"