Two booby-trapped cars explode in Damascus: first explosion happens in the criminal Security center located by Al-Jamarek roundabout, the second one happens in front of the Air Intelligence headquarter of Al-Tahrer square and was followed by shooting between the gunmen and the security men; both explosions result in the death of 30 people, the injury of 140 others and material damages in the houses surrounding the intelligence center.

Syrian Center for Documentation’s activists videotape the destruction of public and private properties due to the explosion targeted the Air Intelligence headquarter located in Al-Tahrer square of Damascus

Anti-government people posted last Thursday on the so-called “Tansekiat Hai Al-Midan” Facebook page a warning for Damascus residents of an operation is going to be carried out by the Free Army Militia; the warning also advised the people not to leave their houses.

A person gets arrested in Baghdad Street under the charges of involving in exploding the intelligence headquarter.

2 gunmen get killed while bombing a booby-trapped car in Al-Thalatheen Street located in Mokhayam Al-Yarmouk area; anti-government activists talk about the death of a Syrian Brigadier and 3 Palestinians.

Explosions are heard in Al-Kaboun neighborhood and in Al-Demashqi neighborhood coming from Zamalka Bridge’s side.

Funerals of 19 soldiers and security men initiate from Tashreen and Al-Shourta military hospitals in Damascus and from Zahi Azrak hospital in Lattakia.


3 security men and a number of armed rebels get killed in neighborhoods of Homs.

4 wanted people get arrested in Al-Waer neighborhood; communication devices, weapons, snipping equipments and bombs are also seized in the same neighborhood.

Gunmen targeted a security checkpoint located in Al-Kossour neighborhood last night which led to the death of a security man and the injury of another.

Armed rebels get killed in Job Al-Jandali neighborhood due to a raid on the neighborhood; weapons and torturing equipments are also seized.

Armed rebels place bombs in houses located in Bab Sbaa’ and Bab Al-Draib neighborhoods; others attack security checkpoint located in Deek Al-Jen area which result in the injury of 2 security men.

Three dead soldiers’ bodies arrive to the Military Hospital of Homs due to clashes with armed rebels in Al-Karabees neighborhood.

Insurgents set an ambush for a security vehicle which result in the death of Colonel Yousif Wannous and Officer Fedaa’ Mansour; others attack an employees’ transportation vehicle nearby Hasyaa area which wound some of them.

Armed rebels get killed in Al-Souq Al-Kabeer, Al-Hader and Al-Zara due to security raids.

Ahmad Abad from the opposition gets killed in Al-Rastan area.


Gunmen targeted a restaurant located on Al-Salamia – Homs highway last night and shot 2 people.

Khalid Al-Sa’eed gets killed in Al-Madeek castle located in Hama countryside and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

An anti-government rallies occur in Tareek Halan neighborhood, Kafr Nbouda village and in Karnaz area of Hama countryside.

Activists: a snipers’ spread occur on the building in Al-Arba’een neighborhood.


Mo’amar Al-Mhameed and Sliman Al-Mhameed, from the opposition, get arrested in Al-A’bbasia neighborhood located in Dara’a Al-Balad.

Anti-government gatherings occur in O’tman, Om Walad and O’lma towns located in Dara’a countryside.

Heavy shooting happens in Nahta area on this morning.

13 wanted people got arrested in Ankhil area last night and their weapons were seized.


Anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Bshairia village located in Jeser Al-Shoghour; another one occurs in Sarjah village located in Edlib countryside.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen took place in Ma’rat Al-Nouman last night and resulted in the death of gunmen and the capture of their weapons.

Fateh Al-A’del and Abd Al-Majeed Al-O’thman, who are wanted, die in Kafr Nobl town due to clashes with the Syrian Army.


Moustafa Al-Zena’s funeral takes place in Al-Raqqa and turns into an anti-government gathering; the security force fire in the air during the funeral and anti-government activists talk about causalities.

Media website pages talk about the arrest of a number of people who were wearing military uniform and shot on civilians in Al-Raqqa last night to accuse the security force of killing them.

Deir Al-Zour

A video shows gunmen announcing the formation of “Al-Ansar” battalion of Daer Al-Zour countryside which does not belong to the Free Army Militia.

Damascus Countryside

Gunmen shoot in the air on this morning in Mosbak Al-Soune’ area, located in Barzeh.

A person gets arrested and Hassan O’mar Al-Sa’eb gets released after an hour of his arrest in Barzeh neighborhood.


An anti-government gathering estimated by 70 people occurs in A’mouda area.

Shooting and explosions are heard nearby Al-A’zizia neighborhood on this morning.


A video shows gunmen stating that they jihadists and announcing the formation of “Kamal Jonblat” battalion.

A sound bomb is heard in Al-Hamdania neighborhood and no news on causalities.


A pro-government gathering occurs in Al-Zeraa’a roundabout condemning the explosions happened in Damascus today.