Gunmen from the so-called “Al-Farouk” militia surround Al-Watani hospital of Homs and broadcast a video of 100 gunmen; one of them is the defected lieutenant Abd Al-Razzak Tlas, attacking the hospital.

3 nurses are kidnapped from Al-Watani hospital of Homs by the so-called “Al-Farouk” militia after the latter has took control over the hospital last night; the militia accuses the nurses of helping Syrian soldiers.

SANA: a factory for producing bombs is seized in Kafr A’aya town and a car equipped with a platform to launch RPGs is seized in Al-Marjeh neighborhood.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias continue in many neighborhoods of the city specially Al-Khaldia, Al-Ghouta roundabout and Al-Saa’a Al-Kadema roundabout.

Opposition website pages talk about the spread of the so-called “Al-Farouk” militia in the city and its attacks on security checkpoints that led to the death of 12 Syrian soldiers.

The border patrol thwarts a gunmen attempt to enter illegally to Syria from Lebanon between Al-A’rmouta and Al-Mshairfeh villages.

Many mortar shells are fired on A’krama neighborhood and 2 shells are fired on Al-Hamedia neighborhood which results in only material damages.

Armed rebels burn storage belongs to the Red Crescent organization.


Demonstrations occur in Ma’rat Horma and Zardna villages of Edlib countryside.

Members of the Free Army militia clashed last night with the security force on Khan Shekhoun – Ma’rat Al-Nouman road which led to the death of a gunmen and the injury of 4 security men.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place in Taftanaz town resulting in the death of a number of gunmen and the capture of their weapons in addition of the death of 3 Syrian soldiers, news say that the Syrian Army takes control over the town.

Activists: the wanted Moustafa Zedan Zedan and Daher Zedan get arrested in Taftanaz town located in Edlib countryside.

A bombing device explodes by a security vehicle on Edlib – the central prison road resulting in the injury of 3 security men.

Moustafa Raslan’s funeral takes place in Khan Shekhoun town; Ibrahim Al-Shahoud’s funeral takes place in Al-Karatey town and both funerals turn into anti-government gatherings.

News on a destruction of 7 houses located in Taftanaz town of Edlib countryside due to clashes took place in the town for the past week; anti-government activists accuse the Syrian Army units of killing 10 civilians and gunmen.

Pro-government activists say that the Syrian Army arrested a number of gunmen from different nationalities in Taftanaz town.

“Crucial” clashes take place in Kafr Haya town located in Al-Zaweya Mountain and pro-government activists say that the Syrian Army is targeting radical anti-government groups.


Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Dara’a Al-Mhatta – Tareek Al-Saad and shooting is heard in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

Pro-government activists talk about the death of a person called “Mohammad Khair Abd Al-A’zeem Khallouf” and say that he is a leader of an armed militia.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Soura and A’lma towns and in O’tman village of Dara’a countryside.

The so-called “Tansikiat Homs” Facebook page posts 14 names for people it proclaims that the security force has arrested in Tafas town under no specified charges.


Media sources: an explosion is heard nearby Abo Baker Al-Saddek mosque located in Banyas area which turn out to be caused by a sound bomb that left only material damages.

Damascus Countryside

Activists: a bomb explodes while people were preparing it which leads to the collapse of a three-stories building located in Bait Sahim area and the death of 7 people.

31 people surrender themselves to the Syrian authorities in Madaya town after the Syrian Army has surrounded the town.

A big amount of weapons is seized in Basateen Harsta area.

Mahmoud Mohammad Al-Shammat’s funeral takes place in Sarghaya area and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Evening demonstrations occur in Douma and Daraya areas; others occur in Kafr Batna, Bait Saham and Bebla.


A governmental source: the Syrian Army began to withdraw from the calm areas pursuant to the international plan to stop the shooting.

Media sources: 3 bombing devices, targeted the house of Jihad Barakat who is known for his loyalty to the government, explode in Barzeh neighborhood on this morning and result in only material damages.

Funerals of 10 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Aleppo, Edlib, Homs, Hama, Dara’a and Damascus countryside initiate from Tashreen and Zahi Azrak military hospitals of Damascus and Lattakia.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Kadam and Al-Kaboun neighborhoods; a third one occurs in a street of Kafr Sousa neighborhood.

3 students of the private European University get arrested under the charges of “provoking riots and participating in unlicensed demonstrations”.


A demonstration occurs in Al-Latamna area located in Hama countryside; the security force disperses a demonstration in Tareek Al-Bab neighborhood on this evening.

A bombing device explodes in Al-Andalos neighborhood and results in only material damages.

SANA: 60 armed rebels get arrested in Hama two of them are defected Captain and Officer from the Syrian Army.

7 people get arrested in Al-Faraya neighborhood under no specified charges.

Yousif Al-Zoughbey gets killed in Janoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhood and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

Evening demonstration takes place in Bab Kabley neighborhood.

Deir Al-Zour

A students’ demonstration occurs in the Institute of Computer Technology and another one occurs in the Faculty of Literature of Al-Fourat University; a third one occurs in Hasan Tah Street.

A clash between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place due to the latter’s attack on Jiedo gas station; 3 explosive devices are found in the area.

Gunmen assassinate Mahmoud Al-Daher who is the mayor of Al-Jbaileh neighborhood.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Baloum, Al-Joura and Al-Shaikh Yaseen neighborhoods; an anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Tayana town.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing Saheeb Dairey Mashhour Al-A’baid in Almo Hasan town.


Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Halak and Tareek Al-Bab neighborhoods; another one occurs in Al-Fardous neighborhood.

A sound bomb is heard in Al-Sabeel neighborhood and causes material damages; the person who has threw the bomb, he is from Al-Atareb town, gets arrested.

A demonstration occurs in the Justice court of Aleppo demanding the release of detainees; a students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Civic Engineering of Aleppo University.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing Abd Al-Kader Moustafa Ramadan in Khanaser village.