A tunnel connects the Industrial City, located in Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood, with Al-Sitteen Street is seized.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood which results in the death of the wanted Yaseer Al-Faour.

3 stolen cars and loaded with weapons are seized in Kafr A’aya area.

Gunmen’s attempt to enter the Syrian propirties illegally nearby Halat village located in Talkalakh area of Homs countryside gets thwarted.

A leader of an armed militia is killed during clashes with the Syrian Army in Al-Hawla area of Homs countryside.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside resulting in the death of many rebels.

Many shells are fired on Al-Mrajeh neighborhood and Al-Hadara Street; shooting is heard in Al-Kala’a area.

Armed rebels fire on 5 civilians in Al-Sabeel neighborhood.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in Al-Khaldia and Al-Warsheh neighborhoods and result in the injury of a security man.

Clashes between the security force and insurgents take place in Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhood after the latter tried to attack security checkpoints; the clashes result in the death of 15 insurgents.

A sniper shoots a civilian in Al-A’bbasia neighborhood and injures him.

The Syrian Army takes control over many parts of Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhood.

Anti-government people broadcast a video shows an operation carried out by “Thi Al-Nourain” militia.

Armed rebels target the main electrical generator of Al-Hawla area located in Homs countryside which results in a power outage in the area.


A demonstration occurs in Kafrouma town of Edlib countryside.

Police officer Yahya Khalaf was liberalized last night after he was kidnapped by insurgents in Areha area located in Edlib countryside.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen took place last night in Sarakeb area; Hsain Al-Ahmad, Nedal Kassoum and Hsain Al-Jaberget arrested under the charges of arm smuggling.

50 explosive devices got dismantled last night in Edlib.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in the outskirt of Hazano town and Shalakh and Zardana villages located in Edlib countryside.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and radical militias take place in Taftanaz area and the farms around it which result in the death and injury of many gunmen and the capture of bombs and weapons.

Activists say that a large number of gunmen withdraw from Hazano, Kafr Yahmoul and Ma’rat Masreen areas of Edlib countryside.

Damascus Countryside

O’mar Al-Baghdadi from the opposition was killed last night in Douma area.

A number of people get arrested in Ma’ddamiat Al-Sham area.

Funerals of 3 victims take place in Douma area and turn into a demonstration.

An evening demonstration occurs in Zamalka area.


Different kinds of weapons were seized last night in a farm located in Basateen Barzeh area.

United Nation delegation arrives to Syria to discuss the implementation mechanism of Kofi Annan’s plan.

Shooting was heard in Al-Mazzeh and Kafr Sousa neighborhoods last night.

A students’ demonstration occurs in Barzeh neighborhood.

A funeral for a number of victims takes place in Kafr Sousa neighborhood and turns into a demonstration.


A bombing device exploded in Hanano neighborhood last night which wounded 2 people.

2 explosive devices are dismantled in Hanano neighborhood and Al-Khaldia area.

Mahmoud Ja’far gets arrested in Maskaneh area under no specified charges.

Funerals of 16 soldiers and security men who have died due clashes in Homs, Edlib and Damascus countryside initiate from Tashreen and Halab military hospitals in Damascus and Aleppo.

A demonstration occurs in Salah Al-Deen neighborhood after the morning mass; an anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Marjeh neighborhood.

Pro-government people say that the Syrian Army takes control over Hraitan village.


Activists: 2 explosions were heard last night nearby the governmental building of Lattakia.


Opposition website pages talk about the death of Khalid Jarjanazi and Hathefa Abd Al-Razzak Ghazal who are members of “Shohada Al-A’asi” militia during clashes with the Syrian Army in Al-Masafi area.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Latamna area located in Hama countryside.

Deir Al-Zour

Salah Abboud’s funeral takes place in Al-Jbailia neighborhood and turns into a demonstration; the mourners accuse the security force of killing him.

An evening demonstration occurs in Bakras town and in Al-Bala’oum, Al-Jbailia and Al-Joura neighborhoods.


A demonstration occurs in Dara’a Al-Balad.