French writer Jacob Cohen has released a new book that reveals how the Israeli spy agency, Mossad manipulates ordinary Jews in France and recruits them as undercover agents. [1]

The book, titled Dieu ne repasse pas à Bethléem (God won’t return to Bethlehem), deeply investigates Israel’s foothold in France, and is the first such publication in the country to reveal Mossad’s influence and activities inside France.

The book makes mention of Sayanims or undercover agents working for Mossad, a Hebrew word not widely known in France.

“…what are their connections I take as an example. Remember the soldier, Gilad Shalit. He was completely unknown and, in a few days, his name became famous in all the world. What’s the work of Sayanim?,” Cohen told a Press TV correspondent on Saturday. Shalit, who also holds French citizenship, was an Israeli trooper, who was arrested by the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas in a cross-border raid on the Gaza Strip in 2006. He was held for over five years and released in 2011 as part of prisoner swap deal.

Himself a Jew with family members living in the Occupied Territories, Cohen has already been attacked for his books.

He says the way he was treated for his ideas and books has helped him know the Israeli apparatus inside out and led him to become strongly anti-Zionist.

All this pushed me to write two books [on] how the Mossad manipulates a lot of Jews, who live in France, in the United States, in everywhere to help them in their propaganda,” he added.

A night before the book’s release, the venue was tagged with a graffiti.

Cohen, however, says he is not afraid and plans to write a third book.

[1Mr. Cohen’s earlier book is titled Le printemps des Sayanim (The Spring of the Sayanim).