Morocco foreign minister demands the Syrian Ambassador for Morocco to leave its land

Armed rebels blast a vehicle that belongs to a pro-government person in Al-Zahira neighborhood of Damascus

Armed conflicts appear between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants in Al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus city, where anti-government activists say mortar shells were fired on the very neighborhood

Videotape shows targeting a Syrian security forces vehicle with an explosive charge by militants; resulted in the wreck of the car and the burn of people inside it in Al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus city

Unidentified rebels block Damascus-Daraa road with burning tires and rocks

Armed conflicts appear Naher Eisheh neighborhood of Damascus city between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants who escaped yesterday from Al-Tadamon neighborhood

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian security forces and militants in Kafar Souseh orchards area of Damascus city

A sniper shoots a medic the moment he went into Al-Midan neighborhood to succor injured people

Both of Ahmad Awad Al-Zahri and Muhammad Shuhadeh Al-Abdullah get killed in Naher Eisheh area during armed conflicts between Syrian security forces and armed rebels

Evening demonstration take place in Al-Kadam and Kafar Souseh

General Issa Duba gets killed in Al-MIdan neighborhood by armed rebels

Deployment for Syrian security forces in Bab Musalla square, Al-Midan neighborhoods entries and Al-Tadamon, where gunfire and explosions area heard in the very area

Syrian Center for Documentation’s reporter in Damascus: relative calm appear in Al-Amwyeen, Al-Abbasyeen, Al-Sabe’ Bahran, Al-Muhafaza squares, Al-Jeser Al-Abyad, Ruken Al-Din, Al-Maysat, Al-Mazzeh, Al-Adawi, Al-Tijara, Al-Qusour areas, Al-Thawra street, Al-Matar roundabout, Bab Sharki area and the Airport highway

Damascus Countryside

Syrian official news TV channel: competent authorities release 35 people after they signed pledges not to carry arms or do riots

Traffic management in Damascus: Damascus-Aleppo highway is opened after it was closed for half an hour to dismantle explosive charges that were planted near Al-Nabek town of Damascus countryside

Gunfire appeared between Syrian law enforcement forces and armed rebels in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad area of Damascus countryside

Demonstration appears in Beit Sahem area of Damascus countryside after the funeral of Youness Al-Zein, in which protestors accuse Syrian security forces for killing him

Militants block Tishreen hospital road with rocks and burning tires, where Syrian security forces clashes with them in Barzeh neighborhood

Evening demonstrations appear in Babila, Al-Tal areas and Yabroud town located in Damascus countryside

Free Army militia attack Daria police department; resulted in the death of 2 police officers and 5 other injuries


Anti-government activists: shells were fired on Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside; resulted in the injury of several civilians

Syrian border guards foil two infiltration attempts from Lebanon through Al-Joura area of Al-Qusair countryside located in Homs countryside

SANA: a factory for manufacturing explosive devices gets blasted this dawn during a preparation for an explosive charge in Al-Qusair area, what resulted in the death of all the militants who were in it

Armed attacks occur on Syrian law enforcement forces checkpoints in Al-Houla and Talbiseh areas of Homs countryside, which resulted in the injury of several law enforcement members and the death of many insurgents

Severe clashes take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Karabees, Al-Khalidieh and Al-Warsheh neighborhoods of Homs city

SANA: 18 militants surrender and sign pledges not to carry arms in Homs province

Al-Farouk battalion claimed responsibility yesterday for attacking a Syrian Army checkpoint on Homs-Damascus road and abducting two soldiers after torturing them

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery shells this evening Talbiseh area of Homs countryside


Demonstration appears in Hass town of Edlib countryside

Activists: clashes appeared yesterday between Syrian Army and militants in Al-Zyara district of Edlib province, what resulted in the death of 3 insurgents including Nidal Ido and the wreck of their vehicle

Islamic militants destroyed yesterday 4 military vehicles in Salkeen town of Edlib countryside, which resulted in victims from Syrian Army

Government source announces that Salkeen is now a safe and free of insurgents area

SANA: Syrian Army confiscate a car loaded with arms and ammunition and kill its driver in between Al-Fureekeh and Al-Sheikh Yassin villages in Jeser Al-Shughour area of Edlib countryside

Demonstration participated by 40 children appears in Kafar Nabel town


Severe clashes take place in Al-Naser suburb and Aleppo road neighborhood of Hama province

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells Al-Hader and Al-Hamidieh neighborhoods of Hama city

Mahmoud Khalid Al-Sagheer gets arrested during his way back to Taybet Al-Imam town of Hama countryside

A videotape shows 10 masked militant, forming Assad Al-Din Hamzeh brigade of anti-government military council in Hama province

Demonstration appears in Al-Hweiz village of Hama countryside

Severe clashes take place between Syrian law enforcement forces and armed rebels in Al-Ta’awonieh neighborhood and Bilal roundabout of Hama city

Deir Al-Zour

Free Army militia announces the death its leader called Yasser Hussam Al-Ahmad during armed conflicts in Al-Bukalam city located in Deir Al-Zour province

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells Al-Hamidieh and Al-Sheikh Yassin neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour city

Unknowns fire shells on Al-Matar Al-Kadeem and Al-Tayaneh neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour city

Five shells were fired on Al-Muallimeen neighborhood; resulted in material damages, where shells were fired on Al-Mwazzafeen and Al-Jubeileh neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour city

Evening demonstrations appear in Al-Bukamal city and Al-Kourieh village located in Deir Al-Zour ptovince

Free Army militia announces the death of the leader of Osoud Al-Tawheed battalion Ahmad Al-Assy in Al-Ardi neighborhood during armed conflicts with Syrian Army


Anti-government activists: mortar shells have been fired on farms in between Al-Mzeireeb town and Al-Ajami village located in Daraa countryside

Funerals of Muhammad Sweidan and Riyadh Musalmeh turn into a demonstration in Daraa Al-Balad

Demonstration appears in Al-Yadouda village of Daraa countryside


Armed confrontations appear between Syrian law enforcement forces and armed rebels in Al-Safeera area located in Aleppo outskirts

Clashes take place between Syrian Army units and armed rebels of Ahrar Al-Bab Wa Al-Shark battalion of Free Army militia; resulted in the death of Muhammad Ridwan Najjar, Mahmoud Atman Al-Othman, Mustafa Mahmoud Na’sani and the leader of the battalion Fakhri Mahalli

Evening demonstrations appear in Seif Al-Dawla, Salah Al-Din, Al-Kallaseh, Al-Sah’ar Aleppo Al-Jadideh, Al-Ashrafieh, Al-Sakhour, Al-Mashhad, Al-Ansari, Al-Fardos, Tareek Al-Bab and Al-Sukkari neighborhoods

Funeral of Mustafa Al-Na’sani turns into a demonstration in Al-Bab city

Demonstration for students appears in the science college of Aleppo university and separates without incidents

Sound bomb blasts in Sa’ed Allah Al-Jaberi located in Aleppo; resulted in material damages


According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army artillery shells Al-Oweinat, Wadi Al-Sheikani and Al-Ghuneimeh villages near Kansba area of Lattakia countryside