Damascus Countryside

Under no specific charges, The Syrian security forces arrested yesterday Samir Younes in Jaramana city of Damascus Countryside. Samir Younes is a former coach of the National Team for body building.

Activists publish a photo for Fatahi al-Faytouri; one of the Libyan gunmen who’ve been killed during the fierce clashes with the Syrian Army units in Damascus Countryside.

The leader in Free Army militia, Colonel Aref al-Mahmoud, says his armed group has withdrawn tactically from Daria city, while Syrian Army takes control over the very city.

BBC TV channel: 200 bodies, 80 of them were identified, were found in Daria city, where anti-government and pro-government activists exchange accuses.

Syrian Official TV: The Syrian Army takes control over Daria city after bombing positions for the armed rebels and engaging in severe armed conflicts with the militias, while pro-government activists accuse the Free Army of using civilians as human shields.

Al-Jazeera TV channel: Syrian government forces shell areas of Daria city and its orchards; resulted in dozens of civil victims.

The reporter of Syrian Center for Documentation: mass graves that contain bodies of children and women, have been found in Daria city.

Syrian security forces chase in this dawn a car on al-Nabek – Damascus road and clash with the militants inside.

Anti-government activists publish a video that shows clashes, took place yesterday between Syrian Army and al-Fidaieen battalion of Free Army militia in Daria city of Damascus countryside.

Severe armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army units and armed rebels near Harmala bridge in Ein Tarma area of Damascus countryside.

Pro-government websites say 9 Syrian Army soldiers, who have been kidnapped earlier by militants, got released in al-Dwelaa area of Damascus countryside, where news say 3 of the abductors got arrested.

Activists say Syrian Army has shelled centers for militants in Jobar, Ein Tarma and Yabroud areas of Damascus countryside.


Syrian Army units shell areas of Tal Amara town of Edlib countryside and pro-government allies say the bombed areas are centers for armed rebels.

Militants fire anti-aircraft shells on Syrian Army helicopters in Balioun village of Jabal al-Zawieh and Syrian Army shells areas of the very village.

A video shows gunmen of al-Tawheed brigade, take control over a Syrian Army tank, in Areeha area of Edlib countryside.

Demonstrators call for Free Army militia to leave Ma’aret al-Nu’man town of Edlib countryside, where news say insurgents of Free Army militia have threatened the protestors.

Armed conflicts occur between Syrian Army forces and armed rebels in Areeha area of Edlib countryside, which resulted in the death of Sahem al-Hakk battalion’s leader, Abed al-Razzaq Safar, of Free Army militia.

A videotape shows 9 persons, headed by a person, claims to be Colonel Arafat al-Hammoud, announcing the formation of the “Gathering of battalions and brigades of Syrian martyrs” in Edlib countryside.

Addounia TV channel says the leader of al-Farouq battalion, Abed al-Razzaq Tlas, gets injured during clashes with Syrian Army in Jabal al-Arba’een area of Edlib countryside.


Free Army militia publishes a video that shows sniping Syrian Army soldiers in al-Midan area of Aleppo.

SANA: Syrian Army forces shell centers for armed rebels in Endan, Hreitan villages, Hayan and Bayanoun towns of the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Many militants get killed due to bombardments of Syrian Army on their centers in Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo province, Bustan al-Zahira and Bab al-Hadid neighborhoods of Aleppo countryside.

Media sources: many gunmen get killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Manbaj area of Aleppo countryside.

Armed confrontations occur between Syrian Army units and armed rebels in Seif al-Dawleh neighborhood of Aleppo; resulted in the death of many militants and a sniper who situated near the mall of the very neighborhood.

Armed rebels target 7 tanks, loaded with diesel and gasoline, near al-Neirab bridge of Aleppo countryside; resulted in their burn.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists say many shells were fired by Syrian Army on al-Mahemdia village of Deir al-Zour countryside.

Free Army militia announces the death of two of its members, called Ziad al-Hajal and Salama al-Ali, during clashes with Syrian Army in al-Sheikh Yassin area of Deir al-Zour.

Syrian security forces clash with armed rebels near Ghassan Aboud roundabout and al-Mawazafin neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city.

Pro-government allies: the wanted gunman, Abed al-Rahman Sawadi, gets arrested during clashes with Syrian Army in al-Jbeileh neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city.


According to anti-government activists: Syrian Army artillery shells al-Harak town of Daraa countryside; resulted in 6 deaths.

The body of Mahmoud Zachariah Hujeij was found in al-Katiba town of Daraa city and anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing him.

Ghiath al-Hariri gets killed during clashes between Syrian Army and gunmen in Da’el town of Daraa countryside.

Anti-government gathering initiates in Enkhil town of Daraa countryside, in which protestors call for supporting al-Harak town.

Government opponents say Syrian Army helicopters strike al-Na’eema and Busra al-Sham towns of Daraa countryside; resulted in many victims.


Anti-government activists publish a videotape that shows strikes for shopkeepers in Kafar Zita town of Hama countryside, on what they called: “ a strike for the sake of Daria’s martyrs”.

According to anti-government activists, Ahmad Satam al-Kabsoun gets killed and another person gets injured due to Syrian Army bombardments on Kalaat al-Madiq town of Hama countryside.

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army artillery shells al-Hweiz, Bab al-Taka and al-Tweini villages of Sahel al-Ghab area located in Hama countryside, as 8 injuries have been recorded.

Syrian Army units find a store for weapons after severe clashes with armed militias, in al-Murab neighborhood of Hama.


Unknowns fired yesterday a mortar shell on al-Abasieen square of Damascus, what resulted in the injury of two civilians, material damages, the death of a civilian and two members of Syrian security forces.

A Radical Islamic group that called “The Supporters of Islam”, claims responsibility for firing mortar shells on the area surrounding the Abbasid Stadium overnight.


According to anti-government activists, 10 shells were fired on Jouret al-Shaiah neighborhood of Old Homs.

According to government opponents, Syrian Army shells areas of al-Safsafeh, Bab Houd , Old Homs and al-Khalidia neighborhoods of Homs city.


Militants target an ambulance in Kasam area of Lattakia countryside, what resulted in the death of nurse Harab Sharouf and the injury of the driver.

A member of Ansar al-Sham battalion, called Muhammad Mustafa Antar, of Free Army militia, gets killed during attacking the Syrian Army checkpoint in al-Farnalak area of Lattakia countryside.

A video shows members of Obada Bin al-Samet battalion of Free Army militia, burn the police department of al-Jeb al-Ahmar village, located in Kansba area of Lattakia countryside.