France organized the Free Syrian Army (FSA), going so far as to endow it with its own flag, that of the French Mandate of Syria (1920-1946). She officially provided the FSA with arms and funding, in breach of international treaties. And, unofficially, she flanked it by officers and trainers with the aim of overthrowing the legal and legitimate government. The FSA has devastated the country’s infrastructure and launched major battles that have cost the lives of nearly 60,000 Syrians, yet failed to seize power.

Noting the fiasco of her secret war and the unwavering loyalty of the majority of the Syrian population for the state, France disengaged itself from the ASL when she embarked on a new colonial adventure in Mali.

Feeling jilted, the mercenaries of the FSA instantly turned against their erstwhile ally. The video shown below was shot in the "liberated zone of Bansh", not far from the Turkish border, on Friday, 18 January 2013.

After two years of conducting a secret war, France is now cut off from Syria and jeered by the FSA.