The European Union and the United States, which have supported and funded for years all neo-Nazi groups and other radical extremist factions in Eastern Europe, have given the order to these new fascists never to brandish the swastika, associated with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, in their marches or other demonstrations.

Indeed, it would be a more discreet way to be seen in public, but an even better way to avoid compromising the U.S. and the European Union because of the secret alliance that binds them to these groups (intelligence operatives and subversive infiltration within the New Gladio).

Thus, the Western mainstream press can present them today as fighters for democracy in the face of the "Russian invasion". However their methods, ideology and actions are a continuation of the same Nazi practices that took place in 1933-1939.

In Kiev, the police arrived at the City Hall after receiving word that unidentified persons had broken into the municipal offices. But they were caught in an ambush by dozens of masked men protected by helmets, who started beating them up.

In Mirgorod, a city in the eastern province of Poltava, four men brutally attack the president of the national council, Vasili Tretetski. The former mayor was also injured after being shot in the street.

The takeover of the Nemiroff Vodka production plant, located in the city of Nemirov, in the central province of Vinnitsa. Men armed with smoke grenades stormed the building while the bailiffs waited outside.

In the western city of Rovno, a police officer stopped a car with license plates from Donetsk (a predominantly Russian-speaking eastern province) and demanded that the driver and passengers to remove the St. George ribbon inside the vehicle, as Ukrainian nationalists believe that the black and orange tape, commemorative of the Soviet victory in World War II, is a symbol of the conquest of Ukraine.

The director of the National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU) was attacked by members of the nationalist party, Svoboda. He was forced to write a letter of resignation, alleging that his broadcasts had an anti-Ukrainian bias.