François Fillon is the only personality to date, to have checked all the boxes to be a genuine candidate for the French presidential elections [1]. He has been subject to pressures from all sides to ensure that he withdraws. He is reproached for being subject to an investigation which sees magistrates pursuing him even though he does not appear to have committed any crime or delict but because he appears to have paid his parliamentary assistant on the scale of a Grade A public official.

In order to check if he has the support of the electorate, and can or cannot maintain his candidature, François Fillon is calling for a demonstration this Sunday in Paris.

His opponents claim that this demonstration is actually directed against judges that are pursuing him. Thus it is François Fillon — and not these judges— that who threatens the Rule of Law.

This is why Raphaël Glucksmann is appealing for a counter-demonstration in another district of the capital.
Raphaël Glucksmann shares the ideas and contacts of his father, the neo-conservative essayist, André Glucksmann. Towards the end of the eighties, the latter was employed in London by the CIA programme, Exchange. As for Raphaël, he was adviser to Mikheil Saakachvili, the President of Georgia during the “Revolution of the Roses”, then the governor of the Ukrainian region of Odessa following the Maidan Square putsch. Raphael married Eka Zgouladze, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia (part of the government who put the majority of its opposition in prison) and today the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (part of the government which is massacring the population of Donbass).

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Source : Conseil constitutionnel.