On 29 September 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron established a “Mission against disinformation and conspiracy theories”.

This entity is expected to "Formulate proposals in the fields of education, prevention, regulation, and the judicialization of hate advocates in order to free society from the traps ensnaring some of our fellow citizens, which feed extremisms, hatred, violence, sectarian aberrations and obscurantism.”

This mission is chaired by sociologist Gérald Bronner (photo), known for his zealousness against Voltaire Network.

Mr. Bronner considers it unacceptable for the word "of a university professor to be on a par with that of a yellow vest.“ Hence the idea of creating a body tasked with enshrining "scientific consensus" as the absolue Truth.

It is made up of:
 Laurent Cordonier: research director at the Descartes Foundation in Paris;
 Frédérick Douzet: specialist in geopolitical cyberspace issues and professor at Paris University 8;
 Rose-Marie Farinella: teacher and leader of the project "Information or disinformation on the internet, how to tell the difference, as from primary school?“ ”
 Aude Favre: internet journalist;
 Jean Garrigues: historian specializing in the political history of contemporary France;
 Rahaf Harfoush: Canadian anthropologist, political science professor;
 Rachel Khan: lawyer, actress, writer;
 Anne Muxel: sociologist and political scientist;
 Rudy Reichstadt: founder and director of Conspiracy Watch;
 Iannis Roder: historian specialized in the Shoah;
 Guy Vallancien: surgeon, honorary university professor, member of the National Academy of Medicine;
 Annette Wieviorka: Holocaust historian and 20th century Jewish history.

This mission is separate from Viginium (“vigilance and protection service against foreign digital interference”), set up by the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security. This time President Macron’s purpose is not to defend the Nation, but to find a way – before the presidential election campaign – to prevent Voltaire Network from tracking the manipulation of information.