There exists no doubt that the current judicial process in the Ukraine has a political character. Nor is there any way around the fact that the Minister of the Interior has reasons to affirm that he given no order at any time which has violated the law. The situation has not changed after the revolution: 18,000 officials have been fired and that wave of dismissals had a repressive character. Currently the régime is trying to substitute loyal people for those who are not supportive. The falsification and manipulation of the elections has also been profitable for Yushchenko, but nobody has ever heard that anyone in a position of responsibility worried about that. The same thing can said for the presidents of universities and their educational personnel. At present it is evident that numerous people in the administration are incompetent, which will create a problem for the operation of the administrative apparatus. It is regretful that corruption can drown that new apparatus more quickly than before. Strong tensions are expected that, much more given the fact that the economic situation in Ukraine has not been good in recent years.
The transfer of property is not so important. People would like to return to privatization, but in Ukraine there does not exist a handful of millionaires with sufficient belongings. That is one of the difficulties. At another level, loyal people are rewarded, but not as much as promised in the revolutionary hay days. That process can cause foreign investors to become skeptical. At the moment, outside of politically motivated American investments, no capital has in fact entered the country.
The harsh methods of the government have tended to unify the opposition, directed in fact by Yanukovic, but they can also lead to division in the winners camp. In my opinion, the current group will have to be broken up. Strong tensions exist between Tymoshenko and Porochenko and between the Tymoshenko and Yushchenkos team. The legislative elections will be almost more important that the battle for the presidential seat. The opposition is fractured and diverse; it doesn’t have a leader and can lose votes. I think that the government will find itself in a compromising situation in the Rizak and Kolesnikov matter [1], the example of Yukos was useful in that sense. The reputation of Russia is spotted, and although the European Union-and even more the United States-applies law with double standards, I think they will not forgive it being done to their own people.

Gazeta SNG (Russia)
Gazeta SNG is an online news daily in Russian language.

Существует очень серьезное напряжение между Тимошенко и командой Ющенко ,” by Viatcheslav Irgunov, Gazeta SNG, May 19 2005. Text adapted from an interview.

[1The first, former governor of Transcarpatia; the second, president of the Council of the Donetsk region, both under arrest