In 1991, I took part in the establishment of the first USSR mobile telephone company: Uzdunrobita, with U.S. investments. That first project, like the independence of the country, led me to promote foreign investments in farming. That allowed me to create in 1992 the Republican Union for Foreign Trade: Uzagrotradeinvest, in charge of foreign investments intended for the production and export of fruits and legumes. We are also trailblazers in having several factories financed by the World Bank. Finally, I took charge of the investments in the gas and oil spheres. In 1996, I helped make the U.S. investments possible for the creation of an American-Uzbek transport company: Neftegaztrans. Our last project is to build, in Uzbekistan, a factory to produce fuel from natural gas. Uzbekistan is rich in natural gas, but oil extraction is usually low. Our company intends to do all this on a direct U.S. investment of $1000 million dollars.
The Coalition for National Unity Sunshine Uzbekistan is an open merge of several organization aiming at conducting real and radical reforms in the socio-economic life of the country. The pseudo-reforms carried out by the government and Oli Majilis have put us in an awkward situation. If the current president were willing to make the reforms, the situation would still be likely to be quieted. We demand the complete substitution of the Council of Ministers. Then, the president should entrust the government to the reformists, and both the army and the security bodies can go on under the control of the president but not get political. If I were the prime minister, I would organize an international advisory economic council so that, with the assistance of economists, financiers and politicians, we could develop a reform program pursuant to international financier organizations. Then, I would arrange for holding a national consultation to sanction the above reforms.
Almost all the country’s economy is controlled, soviet-style, by a corrupt bureaucracy. The Coalition for National Unity Sunshine Uzbekistan supports liberalism and a free market economy, which would allow the Uzbeks to keep their families and build a better tomorrow. We are in favor of the privatization of all farming and industrial sectors, but without ever forgetting the mistakes made in Russia. The bank system is undergoing an economic crisis and is on the brink of going bankrupt. So, it is necessary to apply a solid macro-economic policy oriented to the development of private economy.

Source (Uzbekistan)

"Санджар Умаров, руководитель “Солнечной Коалиции”", by Sanjar Umarov,, June 8, 2005. This text has been adapted from an interview.