If the European people were asked to remove trade subsidies, to cut down the cost of their weekly shopping, and to help poor countries, they all would agree. Let’s recall that it is not only money what agricultural subsidies cost. They also cost human lives.
What can the Commonwealth do? We have to use our influence network to support the Doha development agenda. The Commonwealth is also working on the creation of a financial aid system for private companies in small states. This will help people who risk their lives for the least evolution that can be brought about by a market change in consumers’ tastes. We’ll also help producers to export and diversify their production. We’ll additionally help small states to recruit educators and physicians worldwide while their own personnel is being trained.

The Independent (U.K.)

Agricultural subsidies cost lives as well as money”, by Don McKinnon, The Independent, June 24, 2005. Text adapted from a speech delivered in Geneva at the Commonwealth Ambassador Conference.