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Russia: a "Godfather" against the Kremlin
Boris Berezovski, the smuggler
Washington and Paris overthrow Aristide
Coup d’Etat in Haiti
by Thierry Meyssan
The false scoops of the New York Times
Judith Miller, a journalist of mass misinformation
Judith Miller, a journalist of mass misinformation 5 March 2004
The role of Vice-President Cheney in the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq lie made us forget about the responsibility of the press for disseminating false news. Judith Miller, a star journalist and writer, added a lot of fuel to the fire in the case against Bin Laden. Not satisfied with blaming him for several attacks in the United States since 1993, she convinced the world that Bin Laden was also responsible for the anthrax attacks. After receiving one of the mysterious letters herself, she said: “I’m the news”. Indeed she was, but she has not told the truth. Judith Miller represents “information laundering”; her scoops in the New York Times come from anonymous sources in Dick Cheney’s circle, and are publicly confirmed by authorities... represented by Dick (...)
The Passion of Christ According to Actor Mel Gibson
The Implosion of the Judeo-Christian Alliance
The Implosion of the Judeo-Christian Alliance Paris (France) | 23 February 2004
A Zionist organization in the United States, the Anti-Defamation League, has tried to pressure movie maker Mel Gibson to change his film “The Passion of Christ” to prevent the revival of the old Christian anti-Judaism. With its fanaticism, this group has questioned the veracity of certain parts of the Gospel. On their side, Christian evangelists -Bush’s followers who did help him to seize power- and who has traditionally made a literal reading of the Bible, a fact that founded and consolidated the alliance for Israel. By taking advantage of this interpretation mistake, the Opus Dei has mobilized Catholics and Evangelists to defend the movie and transform the politico-religious scene. It seems the clash of civilizations between the “Arab-Muslim world” and the “Judeo-Christian world” is disappearing to bring about the old religious wars between Christians and (...)
From revolutionnaries to mercenaries
The Moudjahidins that lost their way
by Paul Labarique
North Korea on the Alert
The Tactics of Using Food as a Weapon.
by Michel Sitbon
NED: National Endowment for Democracy
The networks of "democratic" interference
by Thierry Meyssan