If further proof were needed that Syria is not in the grips of a widespread revolt, but of a continuing string of attacks aimed to terrorize the population and fuel resentment toward a government which has proven to be too popular, the recent acts of sabotage of public facilities no longer leave little doubt.

In the province of Idleb, a handcrafted explosive device planted along the roadside killed six workers of a textile factory and wounded 16 others who were on a minibus headed to their workplace. Rail transportation of fuel for electricity generation was the target of another explosive device in the same area, injuring three employees who were aboard the train.
In Deir Ezzor, high voltage transmission towers were sabotaged, causing major disruptions in the electricity distribution network.

The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" (London office of the Muslim Brotherhood) has not yet managed to attribute these acts to government repression, preferring to denounce imaginary massacres perpetrated by the army without producing any concrete evidence to substantiate its accusation.