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David MacLachlan-Karr, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD) in Venezuela said that he is very positively impressed by the accomplishments reached in this country as a result of the "Misiones". He also said that UNPD received complete support of the Venezuelan Government to elaborate the annual report about the achievement of development objectives for the "Millennium Goals".

He explained there are UN delegates all through Latin America in order to determine what are the main reasons that stop Latin American and Caribbean countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals agreed on 2000. They also evaluate what are the possibilities for these countries to reach these goals, their financing necessities and profitable synergies.

He said that the elaboration of this document is a joint task (UN-Venezuela) and that it should contain the possibility of achieving each one of the eight Millennium Goals in this country. He pointed out that the report will be issued on early 2005 and that "currently we are working on it, with a close collaboration from different ministries of the Venezuelan Government".

About his meeting with Vice President José Vicente Rangel, he said it allowed him to offer his contribution to set up policies that help human development to advance in Venezuela.