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He pointed out that they would forward a strategy to strengthen the productive capacity of the mining activity. As for the electricity sector, he informed that the budget includes a 1 billion U$ investment in projects that are already under way and that will continue next year. He said that no investments had been made in the electricity sector for a long time and that as a consequence, the electric network, as well as the distribution of electric energy; had deteriorated.

He also informed that the MEM would continue to work on the social orientation of the Venezuelan state owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), in order for it to play an important role in the consolidation of the country.

According to Ortegano, with the budget approved in the National Assembly, the plans and projects for 2005 are guaranteed.

For his part, the vice-minister Energy and Mining, Nery Villalobos said that among the MEM’s projects, is the installation of a hydroelectric plant in Guárico, under the name of Ezequiel Zamora, with the purpose of strengthening the regions of southern Guárico and San Fernando de Apure. Furthermore, he announced the continuation of the remodeling of the thermoelectric plant in Guanta, Anzoátegui state, in order supply 300 additional megawatts.

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