Last February 14th, the Venezuelan Head of State acknowledged the efforts made by his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, for the sake of South American integration that was made possible with the signature of the Strategic Alliance between both nations

After subscribing a series of agreements in order to put into force the Strategic Alliance between Venezuela and Brazil, President Chávez expressed his satisfaction for the achievements of the entrepreneurial sectors of the two countries, whose sustained effort has generated investments that benefit both nations.

The Venezuelan president delivered these words in the Miraflores Presidential Palace, and added: “let us make of this, the great hour for Brazil, for Venezuela, for South America“, now that the Strategic Alliance has been initiated, in order to consolidate a real integration of both nations. For this reason, the Head of State made a special acknowledgement of “the great effort that Lula is making for South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean as a whole, in order to achieve a possible and necessary new world”.

 My acknowledgement from here, from Caracas. As a struggler, as a spokesman for the best causes, for your people, that we feel as ours.
 He also congratulated the Brazilian entrepreneurial sector, which managed to “plant its roots, build upon itself, grow, consolidate, and to keep a nationalistic sentiment throughout time. Entrepreneurs who put the interests of Brazil ahead of everything else, of course, and who have never yielded to imperialist interests, (and who have never) stabbed their own country in the back. They are an example for many countries of our Latin America, which lack a truly nationalistic entrepreneurial sector”.

There are exceptions in Venezuela. Some of them are here at this moment; and there are many others, like the group of entrepreneurs that managed to survive, resisting against threats, against abuse by the media, and against personal attacks, which caused them great economic losses. It has been a solid group, an honorable exception for the Venezuelan soul.

For this reason, President Chávez expressed words of acknowledgement for this group of entrepreneurs who have promoted real integration through investments and new projects. “We feel very happy, very much honored and very hopeful for this beautiful future for our children”, he said.

The Strategic Alliance between Brazil and Venezuela has started out at a good pace, at the beginning of a year that will be very venturous and that has started with a strong base. Those 26 documents and agreements are, beyond doubt, a solid network that reflects, in the first place, your political will and your intense work.

Chávez took advantage of the occasion to ratify that “we put Venezuela’s great energy potential at your disposition, because our country has the largest petroleum reserves on Earth. That is one of the reasons for some people’s fury towards us”.

Let us struggle for the democratization of the United Nations Organization (UNO)

The Venezuelan president also ratified that “we support Brazil’s aspirations to become a Permanent Member of the UNO Security Council”.
On this matter, he called upon other nations: ”Let us struggle, along with other countries of the world, for the democratization of the UNO“, since “there is a very small group of countries that exercise their hegemony, something that is difficult to understand”.

The General Assembly is the one that makes the decisions, but there is a general lack of will to abide by them. Take a look at the millenium goals, the commitment to fight poverty, misery.

According to the Venezuelan Head of State, “those of us who set out to fulfill the commitment signed in the UNO, are subject to abuse, and even coup d’étàt’s, because in order to accomplish the millennium goals, it is necessary to make structural changes. Otherwise, it will be impossible”.

Finally, he reminded that “Venezuelan democracy is one of the most solid throughout the continent, with a State that grows stronger, depurating itself, under the command of the people”.