Alexander Soros and Benjamin Netanyahu

It seems unlikely that two very influential Khazars [1], George Soros (GS) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, can be found running in the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The Forward, which self-describes as a Jewish, independent (sic) and non-profit portal, from its Judeocentric sectarian vantage point flags the “7 Jewish things" [2] going on in the courtroom house where Trump’s fate was sealed, including Trump’s straight-out reference to Hungarian-born mega-speculator George Soros, whom he blames for having bankrolled controversial African-American Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg (AB).

The overwhelming majority of multimedia outlets controlled by GS went for Trump’s jugular for attacking the mega-speculator without proof.

Glenn Kessler (GK), a member of the very influential Council on Foreign Relations, who has called himself a “Fact Checker” for 11 years, set the tone for the myriad of multimedia. The Washington Post – owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos and alleged CIA mouthpiece – has contradicted the inflammatory claim that GS “funded” Alvin Bragg (AB).

In his very controversial balancing act of misdeeds and deeds, Glenn Kessler claims that GS himself never participated in the financing of AB’s electoral campaign, while at the same time, in a triple somersault with no safety net, he brazingly admits that GS’s son and daughter-in-law did finance the controversial prosecutor AB. Then, this conjurer contradicts himself by admitting that GS paid $1 million to Color of Change, a progressive organization (sic) that supported AB’s campaign [3].

GK, the checker of what best suits him – but invariably for the benefit of the establishment and the Deep State – overlooks the ruthless decision to demolish Trump taken by Soros’ heir, Alexander Soros (AS), 38, today at the helm of the fetid Open Society Foundation – named six years ago among the young world leaders of the World Economic Forum in Davos led by German globalist Klaus Schwab: a creation of the late Khazar Henry Kissinger, former employee of the banker David Rockefeller, the architect of the Trilateral Commission [4].

AS, who meddles in everything from Ukraine to Armenia to Mexico (sic), “has urged Democrats to call Trump a ‘convicted criminal’ at every opportunity” [5].

Today, Israeli society is fractured at all levels, but the long-running clash between the two Khazars Soros and Netanyahu is manifesting itself, so much so that the controversial 32-year-old son of the Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Netanyahu -que he does not hesitate to use it as his official thug – made fun of GS in his virulent memes [6].

The divide and its bills reached donations from Khazarian billionaires, such as Bill Ackman and Miriam Adelson, widow of owner Sheldon Adelson [7], who, on the same day of the apparent judicial Sovietization of the Trump affair [8], a modern application of lawfare – the judicialization of sectarian politics – made generous donations to the alleged convicted criminal.

According to Bloomberg, a plethora of Khazarian Wall Street billionaires, close to Netanyahu and the Republicans, rushed to Trump’s side to mock the verdict [9], including the very powerful Khazarian Steve Schwarzman, head of BlackStone, ex-BlackRock.

It is no secret to expose Trump’s links with Netanyahu through the dealings of his Khazarian son-in-law Jared Kushner, while the strong tensions (without going as far as an unthinkable rupture, due to the influence exerted by the Israeli Prime Minister over the United States Congress, where he has just been – in a completely unusual way – invited to present his position) between the Israeli Prime Minister and Biden (who blared that “people have every reason [10] to think that Netanyahu is prolonging the war just to stay in power”, are increasingly perceptible.

So who will win, between Soros/Biden and Netanyahu/Trump?

La Jornada (Mexico)

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