In eight months, the government system has been completely destroyed and the current chaos has an impact on every sphere of life. The evident ambitions of the new government against Russia by assuming a “professor-of-democracy” role has brought about so many difficulties that we’ll have problems for a long time.
Corruption and bribery are very common. Instead of organizing society, the government does whatever it needs not to lose its monopoly. That’s why it’ll try to win the 2006 legislative elections without taking into account people’s interests or the national production. It’ll try to join the WTO as soon as possible as well as its inclusion in the European Union.
The president does not understand what the government’s responsibility is with regard to the future of a huge and complex European state. By creating some power centers, Yushchenko becomes a victim of the situation. He does not rule; on the contrary, he is being ruled. He’s become a manager; instead of controlling power and the situation, he has involved his closer advisers in problems. That power is not competent should be said loud and clear. Ukraine has already had anticipated presidential elections.

Gazeta SNG (Russia)
Gazeta SNG is an online news daily in Russian language.

Кравчук обвиняет новую власть в недееспособности”, by Leonid Kravtchuk, Gazeta SNG, September 7, 2005. Text adapted from a statement transcript before the Ukranian Parliament.