In the Internet, I found a document proving that Berezovski transferred funds to support the revolution and democracy in Ukraine. My job was to let the people know it, but now it is up to the investigative commission to make the decision. With no success at all, I tried to get some explanations from Yushchenko. The proceeding will say if an impeachment is necessary or not, but according to the law a presidential candidate can not use money coming from abroad for his electoral campaign. However, the difference between the impeachment procedure and the impeachment as such must be established. The procedure is based on an investigation about precise accusations. If the result is negative, then voting for the president is not necessary. And even if the vote takes place, positive results are not likely. The vote of the 337 deputies will be necessary to ratify the impeachment, and this is not very realistic. The power affirmed that Yushchenko was honest and here we have that since the beginning, even before taking power, he was being financed from abroad: Berezovski assured it to me.
Today, the attacks are focused on Kuchma, especially with regard to the Gongadze case. I was also attacked during the first years of Kuchma’s presidency for he believed it was useful. However, he realized he was wrong. Nowadays, our relations are normal. From time to time, we phone and see each other.
In my opinion, Yushchenko could have mentioned the first presidents of the country in his inaugural speech. There have been several attempts to organize the presidential power in the country. In view of the current situation, with an ex president and a president politically and fiscally threatened, the foundation of a “Club of Ukrainian Presidents” is not part of the agenda. In any case, the initiative should be taken by the acting president.

Novyie Izvestia (Russian Federation)

“Проблема не в Березовском, а в его деньгах”, by Leonid Kravchuk, Novyie Izvestia, October 4, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.