What are the interests of the United States in encouraging democracy in the Middle East? It would be good for the Muslims to decide by themselves what their future will be. To debate together, to discuss, to shout at themselves...is the only way to undermine and destroy Jihad. .
The liberal and secular side in the West accuses us of taking the risk of seeing the arrival in power of the Muslim Brothers or other Islamist parties. However, it should be known that the Muslim Brothers are fundamentalists and not Jihadists. The Muslims’ cultural traditions, the importance they give to shariah, do not mean they automatically favour dictatorships more than others. Since WWII, they have suffered extremely painful experiences for they have been submitted to different dictatorships and such repression has helped them to understand that they must find another form of political government. But liberals and progressives like us do not have many chances to destroy binladenism in a philosophical arena. We can not win people’s feelings or will, we do not have enough influence on the majority of the population in the Middle East, an influence which is being defined more and more on the basis of religious criteria. All that is secular here has a bad reputation for it’s too linked to dictatorships supported by the West and the dissolute customs of western society. The only ones who can defeat the Jihad ideology are the fundamentalist Islamists.

Die Welt (Germany)

Die Demokratisierung im Irak macht Fortschritte”, by Reuel Marc Gerecht, Die Welt, October 20, 2005.