The battle has already come up: the religious extremism vs. freedom of speech. Reportedly, this is the bundler caused by the world tensions resulting from the publication of cartoons featuring Mohammed in Denmark and in other parts of Europe.
However, apart from the media, I have been receiving in my mailbox a number of messages about this matter since two weeks ago and the tone is very different. Everybody has a passionate vision about this issue, and not only because it is related to religion. There is a profound feeling of powerlessness, fear and uncertainty among Muslims in Europe. If these cartoons were released in the British media, the Muslims would protest, and that would be for them a way to recover some self-esteem.
I have received different messages from our readers. The first ones called for lobby, recommending that Muslims had to make the Danish authorities become aware of their opinion. I have also heard calls for boycott, a method that is considered as the only one effective in the West. Some, which are more optimistic, see in it an opportunity to explain the Muslim faith. I have also received resignation messages about leaving Europe. Why such reactions? Because these cartoons reproduce stereotypes that we face on a daily basis and suspicion on us.
Remember the Holocaust that we commemorate lately. It did not happen just in one night. First there was a long dehumanization work of the Jewish. Today, fascism is covered by freedom of speech and Europe brings up again its bad habits against its minorities.

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

The freedom that hurts us”, by Sarah Joseph, The Guardian, February 3, 2006.