The US president’s delegation is made of 700 government officials, secret security agents, bodyguards, close friends and journalists, reports Granma newspaper.

Under the watchful eye of the Australian security forces, the demonstrators gathered near the Main Railway Station chanting slogans like "Bush go home."

Alex Baindridge, spokesperson for the Stop Bush Coalition, noted that the huge deployment of police and army troops is part of an intimidation strategy to frighten people from participating in the demonstrations against Bush.

"We have organized this rally because we cannot sit on the sidelines while a warmonger like George Bush comes to this country," said Bainbridge.

A five-kilometer, 3 meter-high, steel and concrete fence was erected around the downtown area to try to keep demonstrators away from the visiting leaders.

During this first day, the security forces arrested a group of environmentalists belonging to the organization Young People Against Climate Change that chained themselves by their necks to a coal cargo ship at the port of Newcastle.

Over the next 15 days in Sydney, the capital city of the state of New South Wales, the police have special powers to detain any citizen, stop tourists from taking photos and to ban the transit of people that they consider to be suspects.

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Demonstrators in Sydney

Demonstrators in Sydney protesting Bush visit are met by local police

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