By Timothy V. Gatto

Cynthia McKinney and 20 other humanitarians on the ship "Spirit of Humanity" were stopped in International waters Monday by the Israeli Navy. This is a pretty big deal. An aid ship captured by the armed forces of another country in International waters is an act of piracy...I think. At least it was when Somali pirates captured an American ship recently.

It appears that the U.S. Mainstream media is going to ignore this story even though Cynthia McKinney was once a Congresswoman from Georgia and a Presidential candidate. How odd. What does this say about the news we receive daily from the mainstream media. The New York Times boasts "All the News that’s fit to Print". Apparently this act of piracy and cowardly behavior isn’t fit to print. I condemn the New York Times for failing to print this news that they are fully aware of.

It isn’t just the NY Times that has chosen this path, almost all of the mainstream media has refused to broadcast this latest malfeasance of the government in Israel. It seems like anyone that gets their news from this censored mainstream media will never know about the heavy-handed way Israel treats those that try to stop the suffering in Gaza. Rep. Bob Inglis told me that he didn’t even know about this on Monday evening town hall meeting. That’s how successful our censored media is. If I were Congressman Inglis, I would start reading my news from the internet. I say shame on him and shame on our government for not bringing the plight of the ship "Spirit of Humanity" to the attention of the American public. It’s about time U.S. citizens got to see the ruthlessness of the Israeli government.

This isn’t the only example of American censorship. The Russo-Georgian War wasn’t reported as it really was. Georgia started the war and the media knew it. Why then did all the presidential candidates condemn "Russia’s Aggression"?

How long will American citizen’s allow the mainstream media to broadcast only what they want us to hear. If you don’t believe that American media is censored, try to find out why Cynthia McKinney is being held in an Israeli prison on the TV News or from a newspaper.
I don’t make this stuff up.

Source: worldproutassembly.ort