Addressing thousands of university students and people in general at the steps of the University of Havana, Fidel accused the United States and Israel of putting the world on the brink of a catastrophe with their threats against Iran for allegedly developing nuclear weapons.

“Today, more than seven billion people should focus on preventing this tragedy from happening,” said the Cuban leader in reference to a nuclear conflict that he believes can still be avoided if humanity becomes aware of the danger and fights against it.

Noting that the truth has been hidden from the entire world, Fidel pointed that “it has been Cuba’s difficult duty to warn humanity about the real danger facing it; we must not dismay. In the face of the skeptical, our duty is to keep waging this battle.”

The Cuban leader referred to recent media reports in which the United States and Israel try to deny any war preparations against Iran when in fact, he said, preparations are underway.

As another example of the particularly tense and dangerous situation in the Middle East, Fidel mentioned that, in June 2009, the UN Security Council passed a resolution with sanctions against Iran, including the inspection of Iranian merchant ships, which Teheran has categorically rejected.

He urged everyone to stay alert and informed and highlighted the importance of the world public opinion, which could dissuade Washington and Tel Aviv from starting the war.

Regarding Iran’s response to an aggression, Fidel predicted that “a fierce war would be unleashed and none of the parties in conflict would be in control of the situation, which could turn into a nuclear world war.

“The time that humanity has left is limited,” he warned again and added that “we are no longer in the times when weapons with limited destructive power prevailed, as it happened in the past.”

“The use of two terrible nuclear weapons in the end of World War II was never thought of by the inhabitants of the Earth; however the current nuclear weapons multiply the destructive power of the first ones used then,” he noted.

“Let human life be preserved, so that the children and youths enjoy it in a world of justice, so that parents and grandparents can share with them the privilege of living.”

“As in other times I said, I appreciate your moral support for this battle for peace, and I call on you to keep fighting in this direction, since in this, like in many struggles of the past, we can reach the victory,” Fidel concluded.

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