Pro-US opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi has accused president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of further deepening Iran’s isolation by calling for an inquest into the 9/11 attacks in front of the UN General Assembly.

"Who has given you the mandate to turn the whole world against the people of Iran through your dictatorship and adventurism, which have led to the severe economic and political situation we are in today?", declared Mousavi on his website "Don’t applaud yourself! Hold a referendum and we shall see if the people approve of your destructive policies!", he concluded.

During the last presidential elections, with only one third of the vote in his favour, Mr. Mousavi attempted to seize power by force with the help of the British and US governments. Having lost a large portion of his supporters as a result of his violent methods, Mousavi is now trying to gain them back by appealing to all disgruntled citizens, particularly those who are most affected by the international economic sanctions.

The majority of the Iranian people support the Islamic Revolution and are always convinced that Iran has to fight against imperialism and Zionism regardless of the high cost involved.

Translated from Spanish by Luís Mdahuar.