The US government supervisory subcommittee, in the House of representatives, should constitute an inquiry commission on the death of the Seals Navy team that supposedly killed Oussama Ben Laden, in Abbotabbad (Pakistan), on May 1st 2011, announced it’s president, Jason Chaffetz (Republican – Utah).

August 6th 2011, in Afghanistan, a rocket destroyed a a helicopter in flight, killing 38 people : 7 Afghan National Army Soldiers, and US soldiers, of which 15 were members of the number 6 Navy Seals.

Many Afghans who were supposed to have taken place in that helicopter refused to enter at the last minute, without an explanation. The victim’s families thought that they knew that the aircraft would be shot-down. The military command demanded that their bodies be cremated, without the families being notifies. For these families, the Talibans took their revenge for Oussama Ben Laden’s murder.

In 2001, Oussama Ben Laden was extremely sick and only survived thanks too renal assistance. He supposedly died in December 2001, and the British services attested to have surveilled his burial. Yet, audio and video cassettes of him have been broadcasted for years on Al-Jazeera. They have been authenticated by US authority or Israeli companies, but all were invalidated by the Dalle Molle Institute, which is the world wide reference in the matter of judiciary expertise.

The US authorities made the body of the person killed in Abbotabbad disappear, during the Operation Neptune Spear, so that the body would not be subject to a cult.

In violation of it’s status, the CIA secretly facilitated the production of two Hollywood movies, regarding the execution of Oussama Ben Laden, in order to praise torture as a means to collect information.

Read Thierry Meyssan’s prophetic article : « Reflections on the official announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden», Voltaire Network, May 4th 2011.

Alizée Ville