President Biden affectionately welcomed Giorgia Meloni to the White House and, after thanking her for “Italy’s unwavering support for Ukraine”, spoke with her about the situation in Gaza, where “the loss of human life is heartbreaking”.

He then declared that “we will carry out food airdrops and supplies into Ukraine and we will try to open other access routes into Ukraine“ to help the population of Gaza, a Freudian slip that was left in the official video on the Italian Government website, and displayed by thousands of government and parliament members, local administrators and journalists from the major media.

Evidently whatever the President of the United States says cannot be doubted.

Nor can the political-media mainstream allow official data on US military supplies to Israel to be published. As soon as Israel began the war in Gaza, the United States supplied it with 10,000 tons of weapons transported by 244 cargo planes and 20 ships in just over a month. Among these were over 15,000 bombs, including one-ton bombs, and 50,000 artillery shells.

The Biden administration then gave Israel more than $14 billion to buy more US weapons.

This means that the bulk of the 70,000 tons of bombs that razed residential neighbourhoods in Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians, was supplied to Israel by the United States.

They also provided it with armoured Caterpillar bulldozers which advanced along with the tanks demolishing everything in their path with their 64 tons weight.

The figures of the ongoing genocide in Gaza speak for themselves: up to date 37,534 people were murdered or missing; 13,430 children murdered; 8,900 women killed; 364 medical personnel killed; 269 were kidnapped; 132 journalists murdered; 71,920 injured; 17,000 children left without their parents; 32 hospitals out of service; 53 health centres out of service; 700,000 patients with infectious diseases; 350,000 patients with chronic diseases left without treatment; 270,000 homes destroyed; 400 schools and universities destroyed; 500 mosques destroyed; 290 archaeological sites destroyed.

While continuing to militarily and politically support the genocide that Israel is committing in Palestine, President Biden announced in his State of the Union address that he has ordered the US Armed Forces to lead an emergency mission to establish a temporary dock in the Mediterranean on the coast of Gaza, capable of accommodating large ships carrying food, water, medicine and temporary shelter.

“The United States – he assures – “leads international efforts to bring more humanitarian assistance to Gaza”.

Global Research