In front of tens of thousands of demonstrators yelling ’’Death to America!’’, former Iranian presidential candidate, Said Jalili, pronounced a very fiery speech against Washington, on the anniversary of the 1979 hostage-taking anniversary at the CIA center of espionage, hidden within the US embassy in Tehran.

34 years ago, the students loyal to Iman Khomeiny stormed this espionage centre, making 52 prisoners. Even though Washington spoke of hostages, the US government never made the slightest attempt to file a complaint with of international institutions, it’s ’’embassy’’ being in violation of the Vienna Convention. Ever since, the building in Tehran has been called a ’’spy nest’’.

Recalling the revelations of Edward Snowden, Said Jalili emphasized that today it is not one, but all of the US embassies in the world that have become ’’spy nests’’. Therefore, all people have the right and the duty to pursue the Revolution and arrest the foreigners that spy on them.

This offensive speech came at a time where the new president, Sheikh Hassan Rohani, made it clear that he wants to mend relations with the United States which have been interrupted since those events. Yesterday, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatolla Ali Khamenei, came out in support of the team of Iranian negotiators.

Alizée Ville