On 29 May 2018, 25 mortar shells fired from the Gaza strip fell on Israel. The firing of these mortar shells been coordinated for precisely 6.59 a.m., from different points along the frontier. The operation had been carefully prepared and had caught the Israeli Intelligence Services offguard.

The shots had been from a very short range. This made it very difficult for the Dome of Iron to intercept. However, there were no victims.

This is the most important Palestine military operation in Gaza since “Operation Cast Lead” which took place 10 years ago.

Although Israel considers that Hamas is responsible for the attack, on account of it being the Palestine Group that holds power in the Gaza Strip, the real attack seems to have been carried out by the organization known as the Islamic Jihad, another Palestine group armed and financed by Iran.

It seems that the recent news on the secret negotiations between Teheran and Tel Aviv, which allegedly took place in Jordan, has caused some concern among leaders of the Islamic Jihad. This operation of 29 May could be the means by which this group wanted to display its abilities with the hope of obtaining the help of Turkey, desiring to get further involved in the affairs of Palestine.

Anoosha Boralessa