The British Minister of Interior said in January 2003, about the “ricin cell linked to Al Qaeda” that it had just been dismantled in northern London: “Al Qaeda and its international network have shown, as the court will prove in the next few months, that they are literally at our doors and pose a threat to our lives”. The information from the Algerian secret services indicated that the police had just arrested several men, among them, one who had killed a policeman in an apartment in the Wood Green neighbourhood, and discovered in it a “poison laboratory”, which had especially ricin formulas (a lethal substance), false documents and CD to make bombs. On February 5, 2003, Colin Powell made reference particularly to this operation by telling the US Security Council (photo) that Al Zarquaoui had sent 9 of his subordinates of Al Qaeda from his Iraqi “poison field” to sow terror across Europe. As in previous cases, this terrible plot was eventually broken off since then, firstly when the experts admitted that it was not ricin, and at the end, the verdict on the “ricin cell” was given on Saturday, April 16, 2005: the Jihad manual came from Afghanistan since the early 80’s (CIA), the ricin formula had been copied literally from an American book by Maxell Hutchkinson (1988) named “the poisoner’s manual”, and the killer of the policeman was an isolated being.