Lukachenko has stated that he hoped the new Russian Ambassador to his country be the last one, since the meeting with Russia is doing well. He is in the electoral campaign and has the intention of winning the elections scheduled for June 20, 2006. In order to win, he needs to achieve such integration and, unfortunately, no real progress has been made. Poutine and Lukachenko have spoken of a meeting but made it clear that there will not be a common currency, and Lukachenko has given the impression on TV that he does not want to commit or reject the authorship of that idea. He has not yet publicly explained the different conceptions of the constitutional act and it is not likely to happen before the celebrations of May 8. Both Parties are aware that the process might fail.
Lukachenko has done everything so that Putin be the one who pays the cost of integration if it fails. He was the one who cut off the gas, according to the president of Belarus, it was Putin who behaved «as a terrorist» to the sister nation when he was asked to materialized this issue of integration. The real problem lies on the integration of both economies, in the compatibility of the economic models. For Russia, it means a step backwards, to centralization, when it cannot return to socialism. Belarus can take a step forward to Russia, but Lukachenko does not want the economy of his country to go off their hands.
Pavel Borodin predicted for the year 2008 a unification led by the current president of Russia. The elements for this precise case are not known, but his predictions hardly become reality.

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« Лукашенко не захочет отвечать за срыв интеграционного процесса », by Alexander Feduta,, April 30, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.