We opposed the war in Iraq and when it began we hoped our analysis were wrong. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The United States must withdraw its troops from this quagmire we are in due to the lies said.
It is a shame that neither the White House nor the Congress say anything about the time our forces will stay in Iraq. Paul Wolfowitz has spoken of at least ten years and even some congressmen opposed to the war think we must stay in that country. We disagree. Our presence feeds violence as in Viet Nam.
Even after the elections, we still don’t know which groups are willing to work together, though there is one thing for sure: right now, Washington controls nothing in that country. We must immediately withdraw 30 000 men and keep doing it in accordance with the formation of new Iraqi troops. We should work with the United Nations to see how we can best disengage. There is no guarantee our withdrawal will improve the situation but the truth is our presence prevents the end of violence.
After two years in Iraq, we have lost 1 600 men and increased the deficit dramatically. The status quo is not acceptable.

The Boston Globe (United States)

Withdraw from Iraq”, by George McGovern and Jim McGovern, Boston Globe, June 6, 2005.