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The European Union does will kill Greece?
by Webster G. Tarpley
The European Union does will kill Greece? Washington D. C. (États-Unis) | 8 June 2015
Austerity Ghouls Merkel, Schäuble, Juncker, Lagarde Demand Genocidal Cuts to Greek Economy; Premier Minister Tsipras Defies Eurogarchs and Eurozombies, Rebuffs Deflationary Demands as “Absurd”; Delay of All June Debt Payments by Athens Brings World Banking System to the Brink at End of Month; US Must Press Berlin at G-7 to Drop Austerity Blackmail; Merkel’s Plan for Low-Wage Hinterland for Germany a Chimera; Poroshenko Launches New Attacks on Donetsk People’s Republic to Prevent Normalization; Hastert Indicted, Opening New Ways to Break Up GOP; Tax Wall Street Party Shocks Dupes of CIA Limited Hangouts and Color Revolutions at New York Left Forum; Reverend Pinkney Preparing Appeal, Exposes Hellish Conditions in Aramark Privatized Prisons