Mr. Secretary General,

While listening to your speech in Beirut, in which you proclaimed the absolute necessity to proceed with the reforms, “because the flame of freedom ignited in Tunisia shall never be extinguished”, I immediately thought of a Swedish person, famous for her integrity, transparency and credibility in terms of reforms. I meant Mrs. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, who was once the UN Under Secretary General, in charge of the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), which main mission was to ensure the good services providing of this “big machine”, namely in the finance field and who served under your supervision.

You certainly know, Mr. Secretary General, that Mrs. Ahlenius, whose professional career has always been flawless, be it in Sweden or during her office at the administration of the UNO, has drafted a 50-page report related to the status of the Organization in terms of finance and utilization of public funds in budgets of various services.

Said report clearly indicates you as a principal responsible for financial exactions performed at all levels, especially at your department level, and makes you accountable for lack of transparency. It even goes further to say: “Sir, your actions are unprecedented …. and deserve more than just condemnation.”

Empowered by her function to lead the war against corruption within the UNO and to monitor the good carrying out of services, Mrs. Ahlenius writes that she is certain of your implication in the financial chaos that drowns your administration which totally lacks transparency: “Your actions – she pursues – lack transparency and violate audit regulations”. She sums up by stating: “I am sorry to say that the Secretary General steps into a phase of delinquency, where he is utterly collapsing, and one might say, from which he cannot be rescued.”

Facing this report, you opted for total silence, all the while completely ignoring it. Moreover, you summoned its recalling from the official UNO website within the 48 hours that followed its electronic diffusion [The Voltaire Network has found this document for you. It is attached herewith at the bottom of the page].

We knew of this report from a number of journalists who took note of it, yet did not initiate an accompanying media campaign, nor did they interrogate you concerning the subject probably by fear of triggering a process which could open the case of the generalized corruption that prevails within your administration, at the expense of peoples of the world.

Remember Mr. Secretary General that Mrs. Ahlenius, following her trip back from her native country and after the publishing of mentioned report in August 2010 which crowned her 5-year-mandate, wrote and co-published a book with the Swedish journalist Nialas Ekdal.

In this book titled Mr. Hasard, the UNO deterioration under the direction of Ban Ki-moon [1], the authors describe in details a multitude of your exactions which deprive the UNO from the minimal vital credibility.

They qualify you as incompetent and corrupted, thus discrediting you of your entire professional path.

Mr. Secretary General,

The book, just like the report, had its share of silent attacks which contributed to its complete suffocation at the media level. You surely know about the occult forces that lead the combat against the truth defended by Mrs. Ahlenius? Those are the exact same forces that protect you, Mr. Secretary General.

How dare you speak of reforms, you, the thief?

You are probably not used to hearing such direct, vivid and true critiques, but you should get the habit of it. On the morality level, you surely are in no position to give reform lessons to anyone. It would be interesting however to benefit from your eloquence about reforms to demand their application at the UNO first. The first step towards accomplishing this matter would be your interrogation by a special investigation commission that would send you for trial to the competent tribunal. The world needs a Nuremberg to judge crimes of corruption and pillage of public assets belonging to the peoples of the world. What do you think?

Public assets which you illegally disposed of, according to Mrs. Ahlenius, belong to the peoples of the world, which governments finance your organization and pay your salaries, yours and all the UNO staff.

Incidentally however, it would be interesting to note that governments that pretend to form a protesting bloc against the takeover of the US on the UNO mechanisms, and who accuse you of acting for Washington’s account, avoid requesting the formation of an investigation commission to examine accusations perpetrated against your person by Mrs. Ahlenius! Roles are reversed and you are now giving them lessons in reforms!

Mr. Secretary General,

Just a few hours before your arrival to Beirut, you made a promise to appoint a new Attorney General for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to replace Judge Daniel Bellemare who resigned.

Tell us about the nature of judges who will be appointed by a person as controversial as yourself? Can we expect justice from judges who would accept to be appointed by a person caught in the act by their own Under Secretary General?

Is this the “highest degree of professionalism and transparency” so-promised by late President Antonio Cassese?

Mr. Secretary General,

In the name of which Wisdom did you keep silent, facing the accusations of Mrs. Ahlenius? Is it because you consider as a “crime of honor” or a “political crime” the misappropriation of other people’s funds?

Or is it by fear of seeing this case opened in front of the whole world? This is it!

Calling for a United Nations’ Spring

Let us imagine things the other way around, and that a certain number of countries require the formation of an investigation commission backed by proofs and evidence of your implication as well as that of other United Nations officials.

Wouldn’t we be at the threshold of an era that would justify a so-called “United Nations’ Spring”?

Terje Rød-Larsen was compelled to resign from his ministerial functions in Norway because he falsified his declarations in such a way that he did not pay taxes for the past 10 years. With his fraudulent qualities, he was nominated to serve at the United Nations.

Terje Rød-Larsen, the fraudster


It seems that your loyalty for people who protect you was apparent by the presence, at your side in Beirut, of your coordinator in Lebanon Mr. Terje Rød-Larsen.

The latter refuses to admit that Israel, which he considers as his second home-land, has accumulated more than 10 000 deliberate violations of applicable resolutions issued by your UNO, in defiance of the whole world.

Mr. Rød-Larsen merely speaks of ‘incursions’’ and not of ‘’aggressive acts of war’’. The difference between the two concepts is huge, since, according to Nuremburg judgment sentence, the war of aggression represents ‘’the supreme international crime’’ and consequently, exposes its perpetrators to prosecutions for war crimes in front of the international justice.

You probably do not know the difference between ‘’incursion’’ and ’’aggressive acts of war’’, just like the Lebanese government and the permanent delegation of Lebanon at the UNO?

Your coordinator in Lebanon, Mr. Rød-Larsen, surely does not ignore this fact. He dissimulates the fact to avoid any reference to the supreme international crime, which could result in the prosecution of Israeli officials for crimes of war, notwithstanding the recidivism factor that aggravates criminal responsibility, especially that the number of such ‘’aggressive acts of war’’ has beaten all wars and conflicts records.

I shall say no more, Mr. Secretary General, apologizing for not finishing my letter by presenting my sincere regards, awaiting the results of a true investigation as regards the contents of the report and the book written by Mrs. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, for whom I kindly present my sincere regards and my profound respect.

As-Safir (Lebanon)

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[1Mr Chance : – FN:s förfall under Ban Ki-moon, by Niklas Ekdal and Inga-Britt Ahlenius, Stockholm 2011. ISBN 978-91-7337-271-8.