It is almost a month and a half that of one of our most prestigious archaeological remains, the pearl of our ancient patrimony ,other similar headlights of Syrian Mesopotamian culture have fallen into the destructive hands of Daesh , total destruction, be it by bulldozers or explosion. Therefore this letter addressed to you is a cry of alarm, an SOS which can be summarized in one word. Palmyra.

Have you heard of this word before? It does not seem so alas!

Aware, just like millions of humans loving justice and peace the extreme importance of the protection of cultural heritage of people in general and ours in particular, that of the holy Syria and Mesopotamia, I followed with dismay anger and sorrow your disappointing attitude. Timid and low key reaction, in the face of a cultural genocide which is still striking the cradle of civilization: Sourakia.

As the head of the Enesco you should not have contented to a simple call for the preservation of archaeological sites and other cultural vestiges, nor should you have limited your accusation to terrorist organization of Daesh. For it is no secret to anyone that these with their cousins the Qaeda , are armed and financed by the states considered ‘moderates’ by the so called “International community”.

The role of these ‘moderates’ in arming and financing these organizations was denounces by the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, who admitted it during a conference in the Harvard University on October 2, 2014. According to Biden, it is Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates that are responsible for the arming.

I assume Madame, since you do live on this planet, that an echo of this revelation must have reached you. What have you done, you who are responsible for the protection of archeological sites?

You should have launched, in the name of the World cultural conscience of which you are custodian, a vast legal and relentless mediatic campaign so as to create a World awareness to move international public opinion, and to use international justice and the United Nations agreement of security council resolutions relevant to these issues : (21702, 21783& 21994)taken under chapter 7 of charter 5. Instead of living up to your responsibility, that is, simply doing your job... because you are paid by us, citizens of the UN member states of the UN, you opted for the least effort, avoiding doing the required task. This attitude could not be more twisted, shameful and dishonorable.

Remember Madame that your silence is contrary to the preservation of the cultural heritage in danger , since it is your duty hold to make sure this human patrimony is preserved.

It seems Madame that your behavior is a photocopy of the governments engaged in the International Coalition. These pretend to be making a war against Daesh while in reality their action is absolutely contrary to what they pretend. It is a secret to no one the total complicity between those who control the airspace of Sourakia and those who destroy the ancient site announcing before hand the destruction of the site aimed at. It is thanks to this connivance that gigantic colons of tanks and bulldozers armed vehicles that transports troops that cross with perfect and undisturbed tranquility the immense deserts in Syro-Mesopotamian and with open skies they move from historic site to another, attacking one after the other, thousands of years old historic remains. These cultural poachers could easily be sighted and destroyed by the coalition aviation had there been the desire to do so.

With this continuous cultural genocide in view and your compromising attitude a big question arises about the utility of the organization on you preside.

In the light of the tireless commitment that your function requires of you, you seem to prefer the privileges it ensures. And between action and words you seem to prefer the later. On listening to your condemnation I was reminded of Paul Valery’s words

“There are words that can be taken out of context , proposing nothing, and others that only theatrical words with no meaning .”

It is up to you Madame to take heed, or ignore the sentence of the great poet.

In the name of Palmyra (Syria) Sana’a (Yemen) and Nineveh (Iraq) , you are begged to resign .

Randa Berouti
Randa is an artist who creates unique mini-sculptures of gold, silver and stones which, with a simple yet imaginative style, dream themselves into jewelry.