With an approximate investment of 24.8 billion bolívares(Bs.), the Ministry of Infrastructure (Minfra) granted 767homes in the states of Carabobo, Miranda, Lara, and Trujillo.

A second lot of 200 homes was handed over as part of the first stage of the Ciudad Miranda urbanistic complex in Charallave, Miranda state, thus benefiting 1000 citizens, with an investment of 6.1 billion Bs..

Likewise, 180 out of a total of 762 homes to be built in the Ciudad Plaza Urbanistic Development, in Carabobo state, were handed over to their new owners. Also, in the sector of Tumaque, in Lara state, the president of the National Housing Institute(Inavi), Jesús Hernández, and the governor of Lara state, Luis Reyes, handed over 195 homes, providing housing for 975 people with a 5.1 billion Bs. investment.

In Trujillo, 192 families, about 900 people in total, received the keys to their new homes from the hands of the president of the National Housing Council(Conavi), Ulises Urdaneta.

According to Minfra, in the next few days, a total of 1,358 new homes will be handed over in the states of Falcón, Miranda, Portuguesa, Zulia, Guárico, and Vargas.

Despite these developments, Venezuelan Construction Chamber figures reveal a national housing deficit of 1.7 million homes. Every year, 100,000 new families apply for housing solutions throughout the country.

One of the complaints by the private sector, is that the budget designated this year for infrastructure is lower than that of last year, when, according to the Venezuelan Construction Chamber, the government only built 4,664 homes. That same year, the private sector built another 4,143 homes; thus, by the end of 2003, only a total of 8,811 new homes were provided; nearly 50% of what was built in 2002 (14,716 homes built), and 85% less than in 1998.

The budget designated for the sector is 1.2 billion dollars; a decrease in relation to the 1.78 billion $ budget approved last year.

Other works

With an 8.905 billion Bs. investment, Minfra will inaugurate hospitals and educational facilities in the states of Barinas, Carabobo, Guárico, Mérida, Portuguesa, Yaracuy, and Trujillo.

Among these works, is the remodeling of the four space Luis Razzetti Hospital Forensic Unit; including the service area, autopsy room, corpse washing unit, scientific photography area, laboratories, and freezers; a 787 million Bs. investment.

Published in Quantum No 27