According to the U.S. meteorologist Scott Stevens, the origin of the devastating hurricane Katrina that killed more than a thousand Americans, is not a natural event.

As stated in Fox television network and the newspaper Post-Register of Falls (Idaho), Stevens indicated that the hurricane was directed to the United States with a secret weapon that could “change the weather”. This weapon, he said, was conceived by the Soviet Union from the concept of the electromagnetic generator.

The Soviet Union has never recognized officially the existence of a weapon of this kind. However, the idea of an artificial source to explain the natural disasters that have caused major losses of human lives is, in the psychologists’ opinion, a reaction of a regular defense by men, which explains that most of the rumours of this nature come up after major disasters.

“It has been shown that in the 60’s and 70’s the Soviet Union conceived technologies that would enable them to change the weather and felt proud of that. As of 1976, they were used against the United States”, said Stevens in his personal website, the source of “information” of the U.S. media.

In an interview given to the Post-Register on September 20, Stevens also mentioned that the mysterious disturbance observed in the radio short wave was an evidence of the existence of a “Russian machine that controlled the weather”.

But the meteorologist is not always consistent with his statements.

According to the newspaper Post-Gazette of Pittsburg (Pennsylvania), Stevens indicated that “the Russians invented in 1976 a technology that caused storms and was sold to at least a dozen of States and organizations in the late 80’s”.

In the interview given to the Post-Register, taken up then Fox television network, the meteorologist assured that hurricane Katrina was artificially made by the Japanese mafia to take revenge for the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima by the United States 60 years ago.

In his website, Stevens came up with a third “version” about the origin of hurricane Katrina, and insinuated that the U.S. authorities could have been involved in this disaster.

“In my modest opinion, Katrina was, somehow, the work of someone from within the country, probable programmed and executed by the elite in power, not necessarily by Bush administration, but endorsed by internal elements, in order to cause changes in the American society”, wrote the meteorologist. In order to support his hypothesis, he quoted the simultaneous collapse of the dikes in New Orleans, interruption of pumps and communications in the area of the disaster, as well as other “examples” that showed the artificial nature of the disaster in the south of the United States.

Stevens also drew the attention on the statements by the president of the United States, who expressed during his visit to the area of the disaster that “it seemed that the edge of the Gulf of Mexico had been destroyed by the most terrible weapon ever”.

“I fully agree with the president”, wrote the specialist in meteorology.

Today, Stevens presents the weather forecast in the news of the local network, branch of NBC, of Pocatello (Idaho).

Most of the investigators and experts who were inquired by the U.S. media about Stevens’s comments regarding the “hypothesis”, stated that they were not serious and reminded that the “plot theory” was a classic sign of paranoia. And however… it was recently widely spread by U.S. media.

William Match, director of the television network where Stevens works, indicated to the media that the meteorologist had the right to have a personal opinion and that he did not see where the problem was as long as Stevens “did not implicate the television network, the owners, and admit that it was his personal opinion”.