Nowadays, we usually have no differences with regard to the fact that the Western occupation of Iraq is a disaster for the people of this country and the soldiers as well. George W. Bush and Tony Blair deceitful rhetoric has lost its credibility. The only choice is the withdrawal of the troops.
The argument stating that a withdrawal of the foreign forces would cause a civil war is absurd. The division factor is due to colonial occupation because the division is inherent to the colonial management of a territory: this is what the constitution supported by American proconsul Zalmay Khalilzad envisages. The occupation has also brought about a huge geopolitical disorder in the region.
A war is also being fought in the United Kingdom, although this time it’s against the liberties which are hidden in a war against terrorism. There will be no progress while Tony Blair remains as the Prime Minister. Blair got this post despite the fact that his party only got 35% of the valid votes. There’s a representation crisis. Most British citizens want the withdrawal of the troops and we will demand it on Saturday.

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

The logic of colonial rule”, by Tariq Ali, The Guardian, September 23, 2005.