There’s no doubt Iran would like to have the nuclear bomb. It has the means to meet its goal in the next five or ten years. That bomb will be useless to attack Israel or the United States but not to guarantee its security in case of an American aggression. The Iranian government is convinced that the Americans are willing to attack them. With regard to this, the Iraqi example has taught them a lot. Teheran is sure about this and a real nuclear program would increase the government’s prestige in the country and abroad. The Iranians want the American to abandon all invasion attempts as a political guarantee.
With its new bill, the Iranian parliament’s message is that it does not want to be bound by any agreement. In fact, it’s a way of rejecting any kind of negotiation and focusing on the acquisition of the bomb. They can look at India and Pakistan which got the bomb without signing the Non Proliferation Agreement and they were both forgiven.
There are four ways of preventing Iran from making the bomb: the diplomatic way or the ending of the program based on political guarantees. The case can also be presented to the UN with the purpose of implementing sanctions. Russia and China oppose this solution. The third way is to launch a military attack against Iran, but it’s not real for the Americans are trapped in Iraq. On the other hand, such an aggression would be condemned by the international community and would unleash the hate of the Iranian people on Americans. Then, the Iranian government would be forced to reorganize its nuclear program.
Due to the differences within the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iranian leaders believe that time is on their side and there would be no sanctions. Meanwhile, they are calmly making the bomb and when it’s ready no country would want to be at war with Iran. If I were our government, I would be in favour of sanctions against Iran. However, we must understand this won’t be easily implemented.

Rossiskaïa Gazeta (Fédération de Russie)">Rossiskaïa Gazeta (Fédération de Russie)
Rossiskaïa Gazeta est le journal gouvernemental de la Douma d’État russe. C’est un quotidien.

Санкции против Ирана неизбежны”, by Georgui Mirsky, Rossiskaya Gazeta, September 30, 2005.