Some comrades of the Left and the extreme Left do not
hesitate when they dream of the revolution they never had
the courage to do. And there they are now holding each
other. For them, the new proletariat is that young man,
the djeune of the slums that spends his money on Nike
and Sergio Tacchini and whose only ambition is to drive
a Merc. That’s what to be proletariat is...!
There they are, most of them convinced atheists, who one
day decided to conquer the Muslim electorate. Long before
the rebellious comrade, some observers could perceive,
with doubt, the emergence of the bearded comrade. The
native who had to rebel against the colonialist power and
whose salvation was religion. Even when some comrades did
not feel comfortable, they did not say a word. After all,
it did not affect revolution too much and growth was what
the group needed. Some who were born Muslims reminded the
comrades that the opium of the masses was not a cup of
tea. However, they were not listened to. Even worse, they
were expelled.
After multiple transactions, the bearded comrade, who
established himself where the revolutionary comrade allow
him to, was no longer heard, he worked. On what? On the
proletariat and religious revolution. Yes, I know, it’s a
pretty rare notion but you will understand it very soon.
Besides, you have no other choice. Wasn’t the last Huma
party devoted, by chance, to this new form of revolution
offering comrades a paella hallal? When will the next
Huma party be, where fruit juices and Qaradawi’s speeches
are common?
There are many voices rising timidly making warnings. Be
careful, the rebels are not revolutionaries; they destroy
for the sake of destroying. They’re a group of criminals!
No? No, it’s not possible. The rebellious comrades destroy
because they are aware of the fact that they belong to a
native community humiliated by the colonial power. It’s
simple. They don’t realize, they don’t understand you, you
bunch of incorrigible bourgeois!


Le camarade émeutier : Révolution, mon cul !”, by Véronique de Sà
Rosas, Site du MMLF, November 7, 2005.