Europe needs reforms. Therefore, firm decisions in key issues at the national and European levels are necessary. Globalization is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. From a positive point of view, the majority of our citizens can benefit from it.
We don’t have to choose between two economic models. Denmark is an example for it has proved that a system can be social and liberal at the same time. However, our economic systems need adjustments to take the offensive in globalization. We have to modernize our economies. The States must adapt their systems and the European Commission must modernize European legislation.
The European internal market has to be increased; it is a market that generates millions of jobs and benefits consumers by reducing prices. Free competition must be guaranteed and state interference must be limited. The internal service markets must be developed although it does not mean that all regulations should be eliminated.
Likewise, an internal market for research, development and education must be created. Our markets must be open to global competition. To protect our non-competitive industries is not healthy in the long term. The European budget must be modernized and reformed to increase the development aid and reform the CAP.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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Europe needs to embrace reform”, by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, International Herald Tribune, October 24, 2005.