To see riots reduced to their social level is what is wanted in France. That is, to see a revolt of the young people of the outlying zones against the situation in which they live, against the discrimination they suffer and against unemployment. However, the problem is that most of the young people are blacks or Arabs and they identify themselves with Islam. The rest of the immigrants do not make riots. Therefore, as has been shown, this is an ethnic-religious rebellion that has been developing for a long time. We have already witnessed the whistles against the French team in the football match between France and Algeria. It was that “black-blanc-beur [young Arab born in France, the son of immigrants. Translator’s note]” team everybody talked about. At present, it’s a black-black-black team everybody laughs at all over Europe. However, in France we have no right to discuss this. It’s funny to see a team made up almost exclusively of blacks representing France and used as a symbol of a multiethnic society. This has not prevented the young people from booing this team at the Stade de France and booing La Marseilles. Attention must be paid to the hate expressed in the lyrics of the rappers. These revolts show the hate toward the West.
The targets are France and its Judeo-Christian tradition. However, it’s difficult to talk openly about this in France. Those who commit these acts are the blacks and the Arabs that use Islam to transmit their identity. Up to now, we have only seen anti-republican programs. We have not suffered attacks like those in Israel. But, as in Israel, those sent in are youngsters for they can not be arrested. A part of the Arab-Muslim world is at war against the West. The Republic is the French version of Europe. Consequently, it’s a target.
In the United States we have witnessed an Islamization of the blacks accompanied by an increase in anti-Semitism. The main supporter of this theology in France is Dieudonné. He is the real promoter of anti-Semitism, even more than the National Front. It’s gaining ground, concessions are made in education because it’s no longer said that the colonial project was also aimed at civilizing savages. They only talk about exploitation. What Dieudonné wants is to put slavery and colonialism at the same level of the Shoah. I think life will be impossible for Jews when Francophobia triumphs in France. Nevertheless, there are some who don’t show their faces and excuse the rioters.
My family was sent to Auschwitz by France. We’d have a reason to hate it. At least, more than the Africans who have only received support from France. However, I was not taught to hate and today the blacks’ hate is stronger than the Arabs’ hate. And such hate is going to intensify the discrimination against these populations. The only way to fight this is counting on a firm and strict education. This is having common sense but you cannot say this in France because the generous notion of war against racism is transformed into a false ideology. Antiracism will be for the XXI century what communism was for the XX century. Jews are attacked today by using an antiracist discourse.
In view of these acts of violence, the government attitude is proper and that of the police is prudent and moderate. Unfortunately, the showbiz presents the bad guys as the good ones. It’s said that the republican model has collapsed. But the multicultural level is not doing better either. The republican model has problems due to the decrease in the educational level. What we see today is, in fact, the failure of the “nice” post-republican model.
Young people argue that they are not considered to be “French” but it’s them who should, first of all, see themselves as French. If they have a French ID , they are French, and if they don’t have it, they have the right to leave. If they think their economic situation is difficult, nobody will stop them. And this is the beginning of the whole lie: if they were the victims of exclusion and poverty, they’d go to another place. Those who commit such acts of violence are the ones who don’t want to integrate into society.

Ha&8217;aretz (Israel)
Reference newspaper for the Israeli intellectual left wing. Property of Schocken family. Circulation: 75 000 copies.

“Barbarians at the gate”, by Alain Finkielkraut, Ha’aretz, November 18, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.