In his speech at the 14th Non-Aligned Summit on Friday, Ahmadineyad pointed out that the UN body has become the tool for the United States and Britain to use pressure against other countries, which runs against the council’s role of preserving peace and justice in world relations.

The Iranian president cited the US occupation of Iraq, where tens of people are killed every day, or the permanent Israeli aggression of Palestine. He also gave as an example of his denunciation the most recent 33-day Israeli attack and invasion against Lebanon, which has claimed hundreds of civilian lives and has destroyed the infrastructure with one and a half million people displaced.

The UN Security Council was an observer of those events for 30 days because the United States had ordered it, said Ahmadineyad and stated that the US administration has been the originator of the prevailing aggression and insecurity.

The Non-Aligned Movement has to play its true role and promote a change in that UN body, he said.

The Iranian president described the Non-Aligned Movement as a shelter for independent countries. He added that this group of nations has proved that Washington’s arguments aimed at having Iran stop its nuclear research are false.

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