Now the enemy is attempting to stop Hugo Chavez from being re-elected in December’s presidential elections, which according to experts he is leading in current surveys and stop the Venezuelan leader from advancing in the integration process that has gone beyond the borders of this hemisphere.

President Chavez is seen as a mortal enemy by Bush and all is valid against him, including the diplomatic aggression against the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro who was detained and threatened by New York police while attending the 61st General Assembly of the UN.

Washington’s intention is to demonize and destroy those figures and processes that oppose their plans and to achieve their objective the White House is adamant on using any low blow and dirty trick including violence and crime about which Latin America has profound and painful memories.

A good part of the subversive activity in US power circles is also aimed against the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia.

The obstacles that are facing efforts by the recently elected Bolivian authorities to create a Constitution that recognizes the rights of all its citizens, especially the indigenous community and, and in pushing ahead the nationalization of the hydrocarbons, make up the enemy offensive that is attempting to stop the efforts to create the new Bolivia.

The dramatic call of Vice President Alvaro Garcia to the Bolivian people to defend, with arms if necessary, the changes and transformation of high social content underway in that South American nation gives a clear idea of the level of Washington’s intervention and subversion.

In the region of Omasuyos and in front of thousands of indigenous people, he said that the campesinos must be alert and ready whenever they are convened to fight for the independence and defense of the wealth of the country against those that want to control them.

The Omasuyos zone was the scene of armed indigenous actions which under the direction of Garcia himself fought for their land, their dignity and for profound changes in the national institutions to respond to local emergencies.

If there are «imperial» attempts to stop the political and social movements which are changing Latin America, the people in the area are also capable of defending their achievements and stopping the attempts by the colonizers from the North to re-conquer their lands.

What are important in these episodes are not Washington’s policies, but the defense of the rights of the people to self determination that are gaining ground worldwide and support from the international community.

The Bush administration should read well the documents approved at the 14th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement held earlier this month in Havana, which endorse and support Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba against the aggressions of the White House.

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