The explanation is simple: the confessed and proven masterminds behind the horrible crime, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, have not been sanctioned. Moreover, they enjoy the protection of the White House, which has been an object of uncountable manipulations and legal maneuvers to prevent a fair trial of the terrorists.

Bosch was absolved in 1998 in a manipulated trial by a Venezuelan court. He returned to the United States, where he was considered a fugitive of justice. After being pardoned by his terrorist buddies and authorized to remain in the country by US President George H. Bush, he was released and received a comfortable residence in Miami.

In that south Florida city he was considered a hero by the right wing Cuban American elements and appeared frequently on television where Bosch openly talked about his assassination and threats of all type against the Cuban people, without ever receiving the minimum of comments by the authorities.

Posada Carriles also became a beneficiary of President George W. Bush’s protection, despite the American leader’s own intimidating remark when he said "whoever protects a terrorist is as guilty as a terrorist itself."

Only the sympathy or the commitment or Bush for Posada and his partners, explains the conduct of the executive which has jeopardized the credibility of the international crusade against terrorism.

The dangerous terrorists, secretly entered the US in March 2005 and only after the protests made by Fidel Castro was Posada Carriles arrested and subjected to drawn out legal process after being charged as an illegal immigrant.

Over the past 18 months, Washington has not formulated charges against Posada Carriles, despite the fact that the terrorist has given a number of public statements about his criminal activities.

It is enough to read the book "Along the Paths of a Warrior" and the interview conducted by journalist Maria Luisa Bardach of the NY Times published on July 12 and 13 of 1998. In these he admits with absolute cynicism his participation in the bombing of the Cubana airliner and the actions against the Havana hotel where the young Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo lost his life.

This also shows that he has received the support of the Cuban-American National Foundation and the obvious sympathy of the US authorities in the investigation of his terrorist activities against Cuba. "As you can see," Posada told Bardach, "the FBI and the CIA don’t bother me; I am neutral to them. Any time I can help, I will."

With such history, Posada has turned into a hot potato for Bush upon his arrival in the US, forcing the White House to delay a maneuver in an attempt to release the terrorist.

First Washington refused to extradite Posada to Venezuela with the unsustainable pretext that he would be tortured in the South American nation. The second moment were the requests made to various countries to accept the terrorist in order to deport him, and since no one wants Posada then the only legal alternative are to try him for his crimes or release him.

The final stage of the maneuver being used by the White House is already underway and must be concluded in the coming days in a Miami court. According to US laws, if there is no accusation, evidence, witnesses and he has not been accepted by another country, the accused cannot be detained any longer and must be released.

Perfect crime! This way the hot potato cools off, the criminal can become Bush’s neighbor and Washington can continue talking about its anti-terrorist crusade and threaten all those that do not "fight" alongside them.

But no one should expect this to be the conclusion to such a tricky history. For sure, the Cuban people, profoundly hurt by these terrorists, with the solidarity of men and women that defend justice and truth in the United States and the rest of the world, will continue to mobilize until a wave of outcry will shake the world.

No one should expect to rest in this battle, because each day it is clearer that a solution to this case as the case of the Cuban Five, will be found while men and women continue the struggle worldwide and in the streets of many US cities.

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